100/1 Roulette

100/1 Roulette

100/1 Roulette is the latest roulette format by Inspired Gaming that was launched in July 2019. Just over a year old, the game is proving a big hit. It’s a mobile-friendly roulette game with great graphics, exciting gameplay and impressive usability.

It’s been named 100/1 Roulette for a reason with all single numbers paying out 100/1. What this means is that you have double the chance of winning when compared to older roulette versions, which pays 52/1. With 100 red and black numbers, there’s a ton of cash up for grabs and stakes can range from as low as £1 to a whopping £10,000. Here we take at the game’s main features, pros and cons and more.

Basic gameplay

The table has been extended to fit 100 numbers instead of the classic 1 to 36 but despite the large table, it’s still super easy to navigate via mobile, so don’t worry if you have big thumbs! With 100-1 Roulette, you get the chance to multiply your winnings on a single number 100 times instead of the typical 36 numbers you can pick from on a classic Roulette wheel.

With an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.19%, it’s above average and a great alternative to slots and other table games such as poker. Whilst it’s true that with blackjack it can be fun to beat the dealer there’s still something to be said about the suspense of not knowing where a roulette ball will land!

How to play

  1. Start by making a minimum bet of at least £1, using the helpful betting table as a guide.
  2. Choose from the chip values available – 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £5, £10, £25, £100.
  3. Place your bets by pressing the bet table positions on the touchscreen.
  4. If you need to remove a bet, choose ‘Clear last bet’ or ‘Clear all bets’.
  5. Press ‘Bet’ to propel the ball around the wheel.
  6. If the ball lands on one of your chosen numbers, that’s it, you’ve won!
  7. If you’re in a rush simply opt for Turbo Spin to get an immediate result.


  1. Double the chance of winning compared to standard roulette
  2. Roulette is an easy game loved by gamblers all around the world
  3. Handy Turbospin mode for if you’re in a hurry or feeling impatient
  4. Play on any Android, iOS device, tablet and any smartphone
  5. Super simple to play and great functionality


  1. Very few, we couldn’t find much fault with this game!
  2. Not everyone loves roulette
  3. No bonus features but this only adds to the simplicity of the gameplay

Casino77 Verdict

A great roulette game for those who want to play on mobile and want to have more chance of winning than standard roulette offers.

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