Autumn Gold Slot

Autumn Gold Slot

Autumn is many people’s favourite time of year, and whether it’s the end of hot summer weather, the beauty of nature preparing for winter or the joy of Halloween and the harvest festival, there’s a lot to love. But did you know you can add pots of cash to your reasons for enjoying the season? Autumn Gold doesn’t just mean the colour of the leaves anymore, thanks to this slot from Aussie developers Eyecon.

Its simple appearance hides thrills and spills galore that have won it many fans, so will you take the gold or is it time to hibernate? Let’s take a look in our Autumn Gold review.


The Autumn Gold slot game is a rare example of the traditional three-reel slot that seems to be going out of fashion these days, which gives you a clue as to how no-frills this slot really is. Aside from the reels and the logo there really isn’t much else on the screen, so all you can really do is spin the reels and hope you win, reminiscent of the old days of one-armed bandits and fruit machines. At least what there is on-screen looks good, though, with a glorious autumnal scene of a tree shedding its leaves emblazoned across the backdrop complete with an array of autumnal hues in orange and gold.

To go with the backdrop there are also all kinds of autumnal symbols to build on the theme, including squirrels hoarding nuts, jars of jam, pumpkins, wellington boots, toadstools and umbrellas. This isn’t the sort of slot that will get your pulse racing, but you can’t deny that the symbols are well designed and bursting with charm if you like that sort of aesthetic. But while this slot definitely feels a bit old school in its simplicity, there’s more than a little that’s retro about its prizes too, which players will definitely like.

For a start, the betting limits are pretty generous. You can wager anything between £/€/$0.01 and £/€/$90 on one spin, so anything that you do win will be well compensated. There are no generic symbols on display here, and even the lowest-paying like the jar of jam pay 10x your stake, while the owl symbol pays 300x for three on the reels, as do the boots and the squirrel. The overall RTP adds up to 95%, so you’ll need to get into the bonus rounds to make serious money. Luckily, Autumn Gold has two.


There are two scatters and a wild in this game, so plenty of opportunities to bag some bonuses, all of which do different things. The wild is the game’s logo, and completes combinations as well as paying out 1,000x your stake if you land three. On top of this, the maple leaf scatter awards 8 free spins with a 3x multiplier whenever you land three, as well as giving you a small cash prize whenever they land on the screen. Finally, the umbrella scatter opens a pick and win mini-game when you land three, giving you further chances to win cash prizes.

Casino77 Verdict

Autumn Gold is an excellent option for people who like their slots simple but their prizes significant, and it doesn’t make you jump through the kinds of hoops that more complicated slots take for granted. The art style is cute and neat without groundbreaking, and the prizes are large and regular enough to keep you excited.

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