What Are Megaways?


If you’ve played online casino games before then you will be well aware that they offer jackpot rewards for those extra lucky people who strike big. These jackpots can be very enticing and encourage you to keep playing the game despite the fact there are probably bigger ones out there for you to play towards. Now, with the creation of Megaways Mechanics, there is even more ways to play and even larger potential jackpots!


How Do Megaways Slots Work?


You do not need to do anything fancy in order to be able to use Megaways. There are recreations of already-popular games that have been remade with built-in mechanics so that the amount of available pay lines is a whole lot bigger! You can find these games easily here on Casino77, and we have made that ease of access so clear that you can find a list of Megaways games on this very page. Most games that include Megaways mechanics also offer a much larger jackpot, but this is not always the case so when you find a specific game you should check the individual jackpots yourself.


How Can I Win on Megaways?


It’s simple, to win on any Megaways slot game, you follow the same basic rules of spinning the reels and looking for them to land with combinations of symbols in order to get a winner. The whole benefit of Megaways is that these combinations are so much easier to string together because the order in which they have to connect is hugely broader! Of course, the games still come with their trials and tribulations but the Megaways mechanics makes it a whole lot more rewarding if you do strike gold!


What Megaways Are Available?


As you can see, Megaways are a very immersive and exciting new take on your typical casino games. You can find a whole range of different Megaways right here on this page, including some of our favourites including the likes of Monopoly Megaways and Rainbow Riches Megaways. You can find more options on the site!


Safe Gambling is a Must


Along with the prestigious prospect of reward that is presented through these Megaways games comes a huge need for responsibility. As with any form of gambling, you have a marginal proportion of losses or evens before you strike big and win. For this reason, we instil the idea of safe and responsible gambling, not only to protect you but to protect your bank account too! If you cannot afford to gamble anymore, then stop. If you cannot stop yourself, you can check out our Responsible Gambling information to find some contacts or general things that could help.