Frozen Queen Game Review

Frozen Queen Game Review

We’re off to the land of the ice and snow in this slot to meet the Frozen Queen, a beautiful snow maiden who has a host of arctic animal friends. Dare we say that this slot might owe more than a little to a certain popular Disney musical, but this is far more than a simple copycat attempt thanks to some great design and some nicely drawn symbols.

But is there more than just biting winds and wild animals out there in the snow? Let’s take a look at our Frozen Queen slot game review.


It’s a very chilly sight that greets you when you open Frozen Queen, because not only is the background to the reels a frozen wasteland with a huge spire-shaped castle of ice, the reels themselves are just huge blocks of ice with the symbols embedded within. The reels sparkle and snow falls gently as you play, while a fairytale soundtrack tinkles away in the background, adding to the spooky and remote theme this game creates. The high-value symbols are an array of white animals, both arctic and not, including snowy owls and polar bears but also white tigers and arctic foxes. The effect of the whole presentation is slick and engaging, and even though the low-value symbols are just frozen examples of the 9 – A symbols, the great atmosphere more than makes up for it.


There are actually only three rows and four reels to play on in this game, but don’t think that cuts down on your winning potential, because even in the base game you get 81 ways to win thanks to the crossover pay lines. The maximum bet is pretty generous too, sitting at £/€/$100 per spin, so while the top prize of 18x your bet, isn’t massive, the frequency of the smaller wins you get with such a large wager means you won’t be short of cash! The RTP sits exactly average at 96% but there are a couple of extra tricks thrown in to help you out in the Frozen Queen slot game, including scatter wilds and stacked wilds in the form of the crystal and the Frozen Queen herself respectively.


These two bonus symbols are nice enough in the main game, but in the bonus round, they really are your lifeline. Landing just two of the scatter crystals will grant you 10 free spins, during which the Frozen Queen wild will butt in and act as a fully wild fifth reel, upping your ways to win to 243 and substituting for all symbols to help you land those big combos. This bonus is a one off and you can’t re-trigger it during your spins, which is the one disadvantage, but with so many wins possible this feature more than makes up for it.

Casino77 Verdict

Frozen Queen does an excellent job weaving a spell over you thanks to excellent visuals and cool little animated touches, but the real magic is to be found in the game mechanics, that allow lots of small wins to add up to big payouts. But if jackpots are more your style there are some great options here too, letting you land some big wins in the bonuses.