What is Live Roulette?

What is Live Roulette?

Live roulette takes the most glamorous and popular real-life casino table game and seamlessly places it into an online environment without losing any of the thrills, spills and drama.

The flexibility of live roulette has allowed online casinos to tinker with the format in many different ways to provide a wide variety of immersive variations, but in essence, the game remains the same. Let’s take a look at some of the basics before you jump into the action.

How to play live roulette

We will have a look at some of the different types of live roulette shortly, but before that, let’s have a quick overview of the rules.

The objective when it comes to roulette is to correctly predict the numbered slot a white ball will land in at the end of each spin. In live roulette you typically have around 30 seconds to place your bets before the spin begins, although you do have some additional time to place your final bets once the spin has commenced. Shortly before the ball loses momentum and begins to fall, the dealer will call “no more bets” and your betting selections will be locked in place. The ball will then jump and jive as it collides with the small partitions between each number, before finally settling in a slot and officially ending the spin.

Now, the most traditional way of winning on live roulette will be to place chips on specific numbers and hoping they land, but there are a few other ways in which you can indirectly bet on numbers, without actually doing so. On each live roulette table you will have the option of betting on a selection of bets that are situated around the borders of the table. For example, towards the bottom of the table you can bet on which “dozen” the winning number will be in. The roulette numbers go from 0 to 36, so if the winning number is 10, that would of course be in the first dozen numbers, and winning bets here would be paid out at odds of 2/1. You can also place even-money bets such as the colour of the winning number (red or black) or whether the winner is an odd or even number.

Finally, instead of placing bets on numbers across the table without any particular system, you could choose to bet on specific sections of the wheel. On each of our live roulette games you will have a small interactive map of the table in the corner of the screen and by clicking on a number on that map, it will place bets on that number, PLUS the numbers either side of your selected one. You can toggle your preferences so that you place bets on upto five numbers either side of your original selection, which would give you coverage of eleven numbers.

Betting strategies

Despite live roulette being a game of chance, players can look to give themselves additional slices of edge by taking into account the table’s “form”. The table history is easily accessible on all of our live roulette games in the top right-hand corner of your screen, showing players the results from the last ten spins, but a few clicks can take you to a more in-depth snapshot of the table’s performance. But what can you do with this information? Well, the most simple way of looking at it, is that over the course of thousands and thousands of spins, red numbers should come in the same amount of times as black numbers, give or take. However, if you’ve noticed that the last five spins have returned black-numbered wins, you may be inclined to bet on red numbers in the next spin, as laws of probability would dictate that a swing will inevitably take place that will see red numbers win in future spins.

This strategy can also be applied to the method of betting we touched on at the backend of our section where we discussed the placing of bets on specific sections of the wheel. However, this would require slightly more advanced knowledge of the wheel and where the numbers are situated. Let’s take the green zero as an example. Considering that there are 37 numbers on the wheel, you would expect that, in one out of between seven or eight spins, the zero and two numbers either side of it would win. Now, if you notice that during the next 20 spins that none of those numbers came in, you would assume that, speaking from a probability standpoint, that section of the wheel would deliver a winner pretty soon.

Another common live roulette strategy is the Martingale method of doubling your even-money bet each time it loses, before returning to your original stake when it wins. However, we would only recommend this strategy if you have a large bankroll, as the stakes rise exponentially with each loss.

Withdraw your winnings

Now for the best part! Once you have completed your live roulette session and find yourself in profit you can withdraw part of or all of your balance via your account portal. Please allow for a few days while we process any requests and also check that your preferred banking method is accepted when completing the withdrawal. And don’t forget to enjoy your winnings!

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