Virtual Racing Slot Game

Virtual Racing Slot Game

We all want to enjoy something that resembles normality right now but due to the current set of circumstances we all face, and while it may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, there’s something to be said for the thrill of watching horse racing.

Today, through the Virtual Racing Slot game by Leap Gaming, we can get a flavour of what’s to come when the world goes back to normal.

Game Details

Some prefer to thrive off of the thrill you get from being in the venue live to watch the horses shoot off, but the Virtual Racing slot game does its best to capture the essence of that feeling in the purest way imaginable. There are no paylines or reels to be seen, and instead, you get to choose from different bet types that will give you more opportunities to secure big wins throughout the course of the gameplay.

Then, regardless of why or how you pick a certain horse or jockey, it’s all about sitting back and watching the show unfold.

RTP & Stakes

The return to player (RTP) percentage is always going to be positioned as an integral piece of the puzzle in any slot, and even in one as unconventional and niche as the Virtual Racing slot game, that continues to be the case. The nature of the market and bet type means that the RTP for Virtual Racing is pretty unknown, meaning that you’ll have to risk it for a chocolate biscuit if you want to walk away with any kind of sizeable winnings.

When you combine that with a minimum stake of $/€/£0.50 and a maximum of $/€/£200, you might be surprised to learn that you can end up with 10,000 coins in your back pocket if you manage to strike gold.


The animation work has been done really nicely from the way the horses move to the commentary and the crowd noises, and when you combine it all together, it makes for the sort of immersive experience that a virtual sports slot needs to provide you with in order for it to be deemed a success.


There are also bonus features in which you can forecast who comes in 2nd place as well as 1st, in addition to selecting the specific finishes for certain riders.

Casino77 Verdict

The Virtual Racing slot game follows the same formula as most of the other virtual sports slots by Leap Gaming and based on our experience, we’d say that’s not at all a bad thing. The standard slot procedure isn’t going to apply here but there is definitely going to be a lot of tension coursing through your veins, and in this field, that adrenaline rush is what you need to keep on going strong.

You should take time out of playing this purely due to how addictive it can be, but if you want entertainment, you’re onto a winner with Virtual Racing.