Tweethearts Game Review

Tweethearts Game Review

It’s a rumble in the jungle as we head to the home of the Tweethearts, a colony of loved up parrots who also bring double the cash with them when you win! This light, fluffy game isn’t one for the hardcore slot gamers, but it’s a good looking and fun way to pass your time and win a bit of money in the process.

So will you be birds of a feather, or are you going to end up in a flap? Let’s take a look in our Tweethearts review.


The Tweethearts slot game is a fluffy, cute and cartoonish slot that revolves around the love lives of a flock of forest birds including parrots and finches. In keeping with the fluffy theme, the graphics are sweet and cartoonish, though well rendered and high quality. The background of the reels is a blue sky and tangled vines above and the green forest canopy below, while the multi-coloured birds bring a welcome splash of colour to the screen. While the low-value symbols are bird-themed versions of the generic 9 – A symbols, the high-value symbols are represented by different coloured parrots and are joined by heart-shaped wilds. Another interesting element of this game is that these birds bring their friends, with double symbols appearing on the reels to boost your prizes.

So visually this game is a bit different, but what’s going on under the hood? Underneath, this game is fairly typical of the genre. It’s a five-reel, three-row slot with 17 paylines. The betting range is pretty solid, falling between £/€/$0.10 and £/€/$100 so there’s something there for both high and low rollers, but it gets more interesting when you consider those double symbols. Getting all double symbols on row means 10 symbol combinations are possible, which can really boost your payouts. This is evidenced by the slightly above average RTP of 96.08%. The game also comes with a random wild feature, during which both single and double wilds are added to the reels, with the doubles granting you a 300x your stake payout when forming part of a winning combo.


Activating the free spins bonus is also pretty straightforward in this game, requiring you to land five free spins scatters anywhere on the reels. This may seem like a lot more than the usual three, but remember that double symbols actually show up quite a lot, so it may only require you to land two. Each five scatters you land increases your free spins by 10, so if you manage to land five double scatters you might actually start with a generous 20 free spins. There is also a new egg symbol in play, which grants players an extra free spin every time it lands, so you could end up playing with 25 free spins or more by the end of the game.

Casino77 Verdict

Tweethearts is a simple, frothy slot that nevertheless has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to keep itself interesting. The double symbols are a great way of injecting variance into a straightforward game, and from boosting prizes to jacking up your free spins, there are lots of ways that they make the experience more fun.