Top Strike Championship Slot Game

Top Strike Championship Slot Game

There are many truly great sports out there in the world, but there’s an argument to be made that football – aka soccer – stands head and shoulders above them all. Whether it be the drama or the insanely passionate fandom, football stands the test of time and will likely be with us for many, many more decades to come.

Today, we’re going to take a look at how NextGen Gaming attempts to capture that magic with the Top Strike Championship slot game.

Game Details

The first impression gives off a standard slot machine vibe and some of the logistics stick with that, especially given the layout is set up in a 5×3 reel system. With 20 paylines to work your way through, though, there’s still a whole lot to process.

The standard playcard symbols are there for all to see but there are also a few player symbols in there in the form of a goalkeeper and two strikers.

RTP & Payouts

The return to player (RTP) percentage is an integral piece of the puzzle within the slot business as players attempt to find out what sort of experience they can hope to have. The same is true for the Top Strike Championship slot game with the reported RTP coming in at 95%. That’s below the standard industry average but with the volatility being rated as medium, punters can expect a steadier stream of smaller wins than they might get if it was higher.

You can also get started with a minimum stake of 20p, and with potential winnings in excess of 2,500x your initial stakes, there are plenty of reasons to hang around.


The design work on the symbols is actually quite nice but in terms of the wider graphics, it’s fairly painted by numbers for a football slot – although the fan noise does add an extra something to the stadium atmosphere.


A whistle, captain, gloves and boots will be available in the bonus features, starting off with the Free games feature. You will trigger this when you land three or more Top Strike Championship scatters, giving you between 10-20 free spins.

The Golden Tickets are important to keep an eye out for as you will then be transported to the Treble Bet Bonus. There, you must pick three of six teams to make up your bonus feature, receiving cash prizes on the teams you pick.

From there you could be taken to the Knockout Stage Bonus. If you pick a winner in each of the four rounds, you will gradually rake in more and more prizes.

Casino77 Verdict

The Top Strike Championship slot game does what it says on the tin and if you’re a football fan, we can imagine you’re going to enjoy it. The stakes aren’t particularly high and the winnings may not be that consistent, but through the bonus features, they’ve been able to take a concept and turn it into something entirely unique.