Squeaky Blinders Slot Game Review

Squeaky Blinders Slot Game Review

This Squeaky Blinders Slot Game Review is for all of you bettors out there who don’t want to jump in headfirst into this slot game, without learning a few pieces of vital information first. The type of details we will hopefully sufficiently cover for you all is the general gameplay, what the RTP (return to player) rate of this slot is, if there are any Squeaky Blinders Bonuses we can tell you all about, and if at the end of everything we feel if this is a fun and enjoyable online slot game experience we’d recommend.

Background, Visuals and Gameplay

Black Pudding Games are one of the newer slot producing companies out there at the moment. Over the past few months and years, we have reviewed a number of their games, such as Slice and Dice and The Bun In The Oven. These games have stood out as they are a little unconventional, not playing like your usual slot game. Considering how many slots we review, anything that is even a little bit different, which is why we’ve enjoyed those games, and Squeaky Blinders, as much as we have.

It has been flawlessly designed, from the menu screen to the game background, to the symbols and reels. The theme for this one is the Three Blind Mice, a popular children’s nursery rhyme. Here, you are attempting to hunt down the pesky rodents, to stop them from infesting Pat’s Bakery (last seen in The Bun In The Oven slot game).

This game is a 3×3 grid. The minimum bet on offer is $/€/£0.20, and increases all the way up to $/€/£10, so there will be a wager to suit players of all experiences.


The symbols on offer here are mice of different colours, all of which have been assigned a different value. The green, blue and pink mice are worth the least, worth up to 75x your stake if you locate three of them in one go. From there the orange and yellow are worth slightly more, while it is the red mouse that players will be hoping to find and kill. If you find three in three shots, it is worth a winning of 1000x your stake. It then decreases if you take extra shots, with three red mice worth 400x, 200x and 120x if

found on the fourth, fifth or sixth shots.

Squeaky Blinder Bonuses

This would usually be the part of the Squeaky Blinders Slot Game Review where we cover the bonus features. However, like Black Pudding’s previous games, there are no Wild or Scatter symbols, and you can’t earn free or re-spins. However, the base game itself offers plenty of opportunity for some really big prizes, so we’re confident you’ll enjoy this game and hopefully win big even without any bonuses.


The RTP rate is 96%.

Casino77 Verdict

This is another fun game from Black Pudding Games. There aren’t any Squeaky Blinders Bonuses, but even so, it is enjoyable and engaging, and still offers players the chance of some big winnings.