Spinball Slot Game Review

Spinball Slot Game Review

It’s always nice to see things get a fresh take in any and all forms of entertainment, but that’s especially true for the slot industry.

As such, you can imagine our joy when we saw the incredibly unique Spinball slot game by Tom Horn Gaming. Players need to use the bumpers and flippers in order to hit the targets on the board which, in turn, will lead to some wins.

Game Details

The retro Spinball machine serves as the quite literal inspiration behind this brand new style of slot gaming with the screen having the machine on full display.

There are no symbols for you to try and uncover because, as you’ve probably already guessed by now, there aren’t any actual reels to be seen – which leaves a lot of room for innovation.


The return to player (RTP) percentage may often be reserved for conventional slots, but in the case of the Spinball slot game, there’s still an RTP to speak of. The figure comes in at 96% which is below the standard average that you’d expect, but with low volatility, there’s at least a higher chance of consistent wins – regardless of how small the payouts might be.


Players can put down a minimum to maximum stake that stretches between $/€/£1 and $/€/£100, and from there, you can win up to 1,440x your initial stake.


Between the space theming and the fact that the machine is put at the forefront of the gameplay, we really like how they’ve designed this. It’s consistent, it’s simple, and best of all it’s nostalgic.


The Left Ramp Booster is what you want to aim for, mainly because it’s the best way for you to try and pick up some larger payouts – adding an extra sense of intrigue to the game with a hint of a bonus feature.

We obviously don’t have any wilds or scatters to speak of but what we do have is the Free Spins Path, allowing you to extend the time you play for and increase your odds of securing some big wins with up to five free spins being available.

Casino77 Verdict

The Spinball slot game is unlike anything you’ve probably played before, and that legacy alone should be enough to entice you into playing. We’ve all given this sort of game a play in our youth, and being able to replicate that within the context of an online slot is both exciting and a solid indication of the direction we’re heading in with this industry.

Some people will want more bonus features and we can understand why, but if you want something entertaining and laid back, you can’t get much better than good old Spinball.