Speed Cash Game Review

Speed Cash Game Review

One of the biggest thrills about driving a fast car is its simplicity: it’s just you and the road, with nothing but your driving skill making sure that you stay safe and have fun behind the wheel. That’s a feeling that Play N Go are trying to capture in their slot Speed Cash, which does away with all the bells and whistles to deliver a pure, high octane slots experience from days gone by.

So is Speed Cash a welcome blast from the past, or is it just dull? Let’s take a look in our Speed Cash slot review.


In keeping with the pared-back aesthetic that the Speed Cash slot game is all about, the visuals in this slot are very spartan. It’s clearly a game all about fast cars and fast living because all the symbols are themed around cars and money. There are only four of them: A stack of quarters, a stack of dollar bills, a gold bar and a Ferrari F430, and while they may not be the most exciting visuals you’ve ever come across, they’re still nicely drawn and designed. The whole slot is decked out to resemble the dashboard of a sports car, and from the carbon fibre trim to the red-lining speedo in the top right, it all adds to the ambience. On top of that, roaring car sound effects play as you spin the reels, putting you right there in the driving seat.

The simple life continues under the hood of this slot, where there is only one row and three reels between you and a date with a stack of cash. It couldn’t be easier to understand: Check out the paytable on the right, spin the reels and hope the symbols land in a winning combination. You can land three of any and win a larger prize or one of each for a smaller one, but the big decision is how many coins to bet because you can only bet three at a maximum of £/$/€0.25 each or £/$/€0.75 in total. While this might seem like a small amount in total, it makes a big difference to your winnings, because each extra coin doubles your winnings, so you could be looking at 1600x your bet for three Ferraris. As a result, the RTP is 94.12% with three coins but drops off into the high 80s with two, so your best bet is to go high every time.


We said that Speed Cash is basic, and that means there are no bonus rounds to speak of. Don’t worry, however, because there is still a progressive jackpot to play for if cash is your thing. Land three Ferraris when you’ve placed the maximum bet of three coins and you win the top prize, which changes all the time and is determined by the Play N Go progressive jackpot network. That jackpot tops out at a massive £/$/€75000, so it’s well worth aiming for!

Casino77 Verdict

Speed Cash isn’t the prettiest slot and it’s not loaded with features, but there are few ways to make as much money as quickly as you can with this game. This is for fans of old-style slots before all the whizzy graphics and mini-games hit the scene when all you wanted was a chance to spin the reels and get rich. And, to be fair, Speed Cash delivers that in spades!