So Many Monsters Game Review

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So Many Monsters Game Review

Buckle up and get ready for a scare in this slot, because as the name implies, there are many monsters! Despite the cartoonish graphics and childish theme, there are high variance multipliers galore to be had if you’re brave enough to tangle with this ghoulish gang.

Generate combinations of monsters and watch them multiply along with your wins, as well as a fun free spins bonus! So will you be the monster hunter, or will you be the one getting spooked? Let’s take a look in our So Many Monsters slot game review!


This game is presented in a highly cartoonish style, with an array of cutesy and strange monster pals assembling on the reels to help you win cash. You’d have to be very nervous for these guys to actually scare you, so don’t worry if you’re of a sensitive disposition, and with the carnival horror music playing in the background it’s definitely more fun than freakish. It’s a bit childish, but the art style is still well done, while the theme and the monsters all work nicely to bring you into their world with well-drawn graphics and catchy tunes.

The imagery is simplistic in this game and so are the mechanics. The game operates on a standard five-reel, three-row grid with the generic 9 – A symbols making up the low-value icons, while there are 25 paylines to place your bets across. It gets a little more interesting when it comes to the betting limits, which range between £/€/$0.50 and a generous £/€/$100 per spin, while a surprisingly high RTP of 96.6% hints at the potential wins on offer under the gaudy exterior. So where does that come from? Well, these monsters have a trick up their sleeves.

You generate wins in the traditional style by matching three or more symbols across the reels, but matching the higher value monster symbols causes them to divide like bacteria and where there was just one monster in the symbol there can now be up to five. The number of monsters you get is decided randomly, but the win is multiplied by the number of monsters that are now in play, so each win effectively comes with a random multiplier attached. Theoretically, you can therefore land 25 monster symbols on one spin, or 300x your stake, which makes that £/€/$100 limit look all the tastier!


If that wasn’t enough of a bonus, there’s also a traditional free spins round included that is activated by landing three of the swivelling, disembodied eyeball symbols that can appear. At this point you choose between each of the monster symbols, which offer higher prizes and fewer spins or lower prizes and more spins. The choice is yours, and whether you want 8 or 16 spins depends on how you handle risk.

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Casino77 Verdict

The cartoonish visuals in the So Many Monsters slot game make it an easy play slot for when you don’t want to be particularly challenged, but the same can’t be said about the payouts. This slot is medium to high variance, so your mileage will very much depend on how lucky you are, but there is every chance that these cute monster pals will magic you up some massive wins if the multipliers are in your favour.

Casino77 Score: 4/5