Rush Dogs Go! Slot Game

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Rush Dogs Go! Slot Game


There are many luxuries missing from our day to day lives right now that we all wish we could replicate – but that’s not possible in the majority of circumstances.

However, when it comes to betting, that can be imitated pretty easily these days. Today, we’re going to take a look at Inspired Gaming’s Rush Dogs Go! slot game to see their interpretation of a day at the races.

Game Details

From paylines to reels and beyond there are many stereotypes within the slot industry that still exist to this day, but for Rush Dogs Go!, things are a bit different. The aim and intention is to pick out the dog who you think is going to win in a race after being provided with information about the competitors in question.

There are six pups to choose from as you delve deep into the heart of the betting world in what could turn out to be quite an immersive experience.


The return to player (RTP) percentage is pretty crucial within most slots, and the Rush Dogs Go! slot game can’t escape that fate. The reported RTP for this one comes in at around 93.40% which is way below the industry average, and with N/A volatility, this one really does come down to your instincts.


From a few pennies leading all the way up to a $€£100 maximum stake, there are some interesting possibilities on the table here. In addition to that, winning upwards of $€£1,000 coins is definitely on the table – although the information available on this slot from there is pretty unreliable.


This has all the trademarks of an old-school slot in just about every way imaginable, and that can clearly be seen in the visuals, too. Rush Dogs Go! doesn’t try to reinvent what it means to put on virtual sports slots, but there are elements that do make us want to head back to the races at the next available opportunity.


Between the Main Bets, Special Bets and Bigger Bets, there are three bonuses in which you can look forward to potentially earning way more than you might’ve previously bargained for. You can also put down the exact bet size on two different dogs to try and double up your chances of landing a win, with the Rebet2x function being used when you want to bet twice on any given game.

If you land a win on the course then you’ll get the chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune. Within this you can get upwards of 2x or 5x your stake, with one special section of the wheel offering up 10x your initial stake.

Poker Chip

Casino77 Verdict

The Rush Dogs Go Slot game isn’t going to inspire you more so than most virtual sporting slots, but what it does do is provide a simple objective and a very clear end goal.

That may not be enough for some, but it’s still worth a go or two.

Casino77 Score: 3/5