Renegades Game Review

Renegades Game Review

Sometimes you need someone on your side who is willing to bend the rules a little to get things done, and that’s as true of slots as it is of superheroes. Renegades by NextGen Gaming concerns a band of female fighters who as unconventional as they are stunning, but it’s not these lovely ladies who you should be looking at as much as the slot itself: loads of ways to win, symbols of all sizes and free spins galore all combine to save the day and ensure you get a heck of a payday.

So are these the heroes you need, or is it all just talk? Let’s take a look in our Renegades slot game review.


Most games put at least a little bit of effort into world-building, while some games make it into an art form, and this game is definitely in the latter camp. The Renegades slot game tells the story of an unlikely assortment of heroes from different times and cultures, brought together to fight the forces of evil and to win you some cash in the process. It doesn’t go into too much detail about how and why this happened, but the ever-changing background combines something of each hero, with antique fighter planes battling dragons, the golden halls of Valhalla floating in the sky and cowboys fighting with modern weapons.

The many sized symbols mostly revolve around the ladies themselves, who are beautifully drawn in an anime style, while the lower value icons are just brightly coloured jewels. The cool animations and special effects also add some epic atmosphere to the theme.

While the look and feel of the game are undoubtedly cool, the mechanics are also pretty unique, and really add to the feeling of being part of something special. The most obvious difference is the layout of the symbols, which are haphazardly sized and come in formats from 1×1 sized all the way to colossal 3×3 symbols.

These symbols can grant you, even more, wins, generating some truly huge payouts all in the main game and without having to jump through any hoops. This is further improved by 243 ways to win. All of this great content contributes to a generous RTP topping out at 96.37%, which is nicely above average for a modern slot.


On top of the specially sized symbols that come in the game is a bonus symbol that allows you to activate a free spins feature, granting you eight free spins complete with plus-size wilds on top. At the beginning of the free spins game, you are able to choose one of the five heroines, which will make that character the only one that appears on the reels during the bonuses. This stacks nicely with the other features, granting you the chance to make even more valuable combinations.

Casino77 Verdict

The cool and fleshed out theme combined with some excellent art and design on top of some inventive mechanics and features make this game a real blockbuster, which is a true experience to play. The unimaginative lower value symbols are slightly disappointing, but you can’t fault the way Renegades manages to stack all the different features to make for some truly amazing payouts.