PlayTech, founded in 1999, are the leading developer of online casino software around the world. Since their conception, they have made giant leaps and continue to grow as time goes on, gaining experience, trust, and connections worldwide that help their brand and products reach a greater audience. They are committed to giving you the best games across all platforms, from mobile games to desktop casinos. Their vision is to provide customers with a seamless, cutting-edge experience that keeps them the centre of attention and innovation as their industry moves forward into an ever more complex future. Playtech has built a reputation as an industry leader by partnering with the best in gaming.

Their products are always of top quality, and they have created some favourites over time, such as old classics like Gladiator and new hit casino games including Flamingo Fortune! Playtech continues to lead the way and pave the path to the future of iGaming with award-winning content and creators who share their dedication to bringing high-quality entertainment into people’s homes around the world. That is how they stay ahead of the game – no pun intended! Playtech’s inter-compatible games make it possible for players to enjoy countless hours of gameplay without having to create new accounts or set up different profiles from scratch so that they can use a certain app separately. In other words, they have put significant time and effort into making sure their applications are smooth and flow between each other easily to keep the experience as enjoyable and straightforward as possible for those involved.

They’re the world’s premiere gaming company with a diverse portfolio that includes their cutting-edge games and content. Along with licensing some of Hollywood studios’ most popular brands, including Warner Bros., Paramount, Fox NBC Universal MGM and even more targeted licenses from TV shows like The Flash! In 2018 they were pleased to receive the Gaming Intelligence Game of the Year award for Age of Gods, which includes slots, table games and even a live casino. Their company is Premium listed on the London Stock Exchange. People can invest in the company directly in the stock market and trade with shares of the tradable stock.

Playtech dividend payments proceed through a progressive dividend policy which allows the Board to grow dividends in line with their confidence of growth and cash generation without being tied to a firm percentage. They believe that it is essential to constantly improve themselves so that each stakeholder can have their needs met sustainably and the company can continue to grow in the industry. Casino77 features some of their games – including some fan favourites – ready for you to try out now! They are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and they hold a Critical Gaming Supply corporate license number, too, so you can rest assured that your money is safe when playing their games. Go ahead and try out a few on the page below!