Pixie Gold Slot Game Review

Pixie Gold Slot Game Review

The Pixie Gold slot game is a good creation from the developers at Lightning Box. This game was released in December 2015 so it is a pretty new offering to the casino landscape.

The visuals for Pixie Gold are strong and exciting. When you first load up the machine you are hit with a very different engine but it doesn’t take too long to work out what everything is and does. There is a fun soundtrack to the game as well. The Pixie Gold slot game can be played across all desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


The Pixie Gold slot game is set in an enchanted forest where fantasy and a bit of reality come together for what is actually a very different game to many out there. The first thing to understand is the way the reels are set out. There are officially five reels and 1,296 paylines although you actually see eight potential reels. That is because the middle square of reels acts as one reel, known as the ’reelfecta’ reel. It sounds complicated but it really doesn’t take long to come to terms with.

As with all slot games you are looking to form combinations of three or more of the same symbol to launch a payout and the reelfecta slot effectively having 16 icons on it makes achieving winning combinations much easier. You are looking for symbols on the two reels to the left and then anywhere right of it to get a win.

Bonus Features

There is only one proper feature in the Pixie Gold slot game and that is the Pixie Spin feature. When the King Star icon shows up above a Cart you are given a free spin. That might not sound a whole lot but there are some bonuses attached to it. First of all the fairy Wild will fill up reel 2, secondly one icon will be chosen at random and added to the reelfecta reel. It is quite possible to fill up the reelfecta reel with that symbol and if you are able to do that you can win very big!


The Pixie Gold slot game comes with an RTP rating of 95.42% which is below the average and quite a way below it too, which goes against the player.

Casino77 Verdict

Pixie Gold is a fast-paced game that takes a little bit of getting used to with the design of the reels much different to the traditional layout that we are used to seeing. Once you have it figured out though there can be plenty of fun to be had. The reelfecta reel allows for plenty of small wins to be picked up and they come along more regularly than you might expect. The feature can also lead to big wins too. The good thing about Pixie Gold, aside from the pleasant graphics and the appealing outlook and gameplay, is that it carries a medium variance so you do not need to be high stakes or serious gamer to enjoy it. Open it up, you won’t be disappointed!