Peek Physique Game Review

Peek Physique Game Review

Peek Physique looks like a very well equipped gym, though it may be your eyes that get the best workout if this game is anything to go by. You’d be lucky to get away without a restraining order in real life, but it’s probably best not to think about it too much and just enjoy racking up the cash in this strange little game by developers Saucify.

Set your sights on ladies in various states of undress in this gym to grab prizes, but will you get an eyeful or a black eye? Let’s take a look in our Peek Physique review.


Like all the best 90s workout videos, the Peek Physique slot game is packed full of thumping techno music, strobing pink lights and neon coloured gym equipment galore. The graphics aren’t exactly this game’s strong point, and you’ll be reminded of 20-year-old arcades when you see the barely animated sprites pumping iron on the reels, but on the plus side, all the symbols are original. The lower value icons are the stopwatch, the pink trainers, the barbells and the exercise ball, while the higher value symbols are all scantily clad ladies enjoying the various gym facilities while you watch. Winning combos set of celebratory music and little animations, which all seem to be in service of jiggling the girls about a lot.

This game is aimed squarely at young men, which may be off-putting to other demographics, but if you can get past the adolescent theme on show there are actually some good prizes to be won. The betting limits are reasonable, between £/€/$0.01 and £/€/$62.50, and with 50 pay lines, there are also a fair number of ways to win. Players will really like the high RTP of 97% which is difficult to beat outside of table games, too. As well as all this, a brunette lifting weights acts as the wild to substitute for other symbols and the gym’s logo is the scatter.


Landing more than three scatters opens up the bonus round with 15 free spins while landing five scatters gets you the maximum possible number of 25 free spins. You also get an automatic 3x multiplier during the free spins, which makes for a nice addition to your bank balance. Not only can you use the same scatter icons to re-trigger the bonus rounds during play, if you do happen to land more scatters they will also get an instant prize reward of 100 coins if you land five scatters along with your 25 free spins. Maxing out all these multipliers and free spins can net you a maximum jackpot of £/€/$12,000, which is an impressive number no matter how you look at it.

Casino77 Verdict

We’ll be honest, Peek Physique’s theme isn’t for everybody, and it’s easy to get turned off by the Carry On attitude to women on display here. However, despite its questionable theme, there are lots of ways to win money in this game that it’s hard to ignore. The bonus round, in particular, is exciting and generous with its payouts, offering lots of spins and high multipliers as a matter of course, so it’s worth a play if you can stomach it!