Legends of Olympia Game Review

Legends of Olympia Game Review

You’ll almost certainly be familiar with Ancient Greek slots that focus on the Greek myths, and stories of Gods, monsters and heroes. That’s why it’s nice to see a Greek slot that is a bit more down to Earth for a change, like Legends of Olympia, which actually takes a look at the ancient Olympic Games.

The games from ancient times were a bit different to the games we know now, many of the events were competed in naked for a start, but plenty of similarities remain. So will you go for gold or get eliminated in the qualifiers? Let’s take a look in our Legends of Olympia slot game review.


Legends of Olympia is pretty creative in its use of Greek scenes and themes for its symbols and the whole thing is rendered in a fun cartoonish style. This is a very original theme that we don’t think we’ve ever seen before, and this slot does a good job of bringing it alive, with the high value symbols represented by (clothed) athletes, gold, silver and bronze medals and view of the stadia, while there are also Greek vases and laurel wreaths to add to the experience.

On the reels themselves Legends of Olympia falls back on old favourites like the five reel and three row layout, though there are 50 pay lines to play on which gives you a great deal of choice regarding how you want to bet. The betting limit is of £/€/$62.50 and you’ll see the potential prizes on offer, which max out at 6000x for the discus thrower and 3000x for the javelin thrower, which are both nice and high for combinations of five symbols. Even the lowest value symbol is worth 150 for 5, which is more than some games pay as a jackpot! No wonder the RTP is above average at 96.3%!

Legends of Olympia Bonuses

On top of that generous main game there is also a nice bonus round to put the cherry on the cake, which can be activated by landing up to five scatters for as many as 20 free spins, all with the benefit of a 2x multiplier on top that doubles everything you win in the bonus round. There is also a pair of wild symbols, represented by Olympic torch bearers, who perform the usual wild role of substituting for other symbols. The fact that there are two of them means you get double the chance of them appearing and helping you out.

Casino77 Verdict

The Legends of Olympia slot game has nothing but good news in terms of the prizes. This is a return to the old fashioned way of doing slots, where looks and gimmicks took a back seat to cold, hard cash, and if that sounds like fun, we can’t recommend this game enough!