Legend of the 5 Ninjas Game Review

Legend of the 5 Ninjas Game Review

Descend into the spooky twilight of the bamboo forest and keep your eyes peeled for movements in the shadows, because you’re on the hunt for some famous warriors who may also be able to help you win a load of cash!

Legend of the 5 Ninjas welcomes you to the hideout of these martial artists who might not be everything they appear, thanks to their cute appearances and tiny little weapons, but beware that their bite is worse than their bark! So will you emerge alive and flush with cash, or will you stay in the forest forever? Let’s find out in our Legend of the 5 Ninjas slot review.


We were immediately impressed by the design work in Legend of the 5 Ninjas, which looks and feels extremely modern while still being a detailed representation of the Ninja shrine amid the forest of bamboo. The background is a sea of green interspersed by the forest of muscular looking trunks, while the reels are hosted on a large Japanese style temple surrounded by lanterns and torches. The symbols are all unique, depicted in a cutesy Japanese Chibi style, with the five Ninjas themselves being the high value symbols and their tiny little weapons being the low value symbols. The game is augmented by some lovely animations, making the bamboo forest sway with the wind that blows leaves across the screen, while each little symbol animates when it is part of a winning combination.

Alongside the interesting design of this game are some interesting game mechanics you might enjoy. The Legend of the 5 Ninjas slot game uses a 243 ways to win mechanism, which is a lot to work with, on top of the fairly standard five reels and three rows that you have to play on. With a maximum bet of £/€/$50 there’s not much here for high rollers, but regular players who just want to make a bit of cash will be impressed with the number of wins they generate, especially if you hit the top paying 50x your stake symbol enough times! The RTP in this slot is 95.25%

Legend of the 5 Ninjas Bonuses

The highest paying symbol in Legend of the 5 Ninjas also happens to be the scatter, so land three or more of him and you have yourself a ticket to this game’s bonus features. It gets a little trickier from here on in, because you have to decide between a series of game modes that either give you more spins or a higher multiplier, with the top end representing 20 spins with a 2x multiplier or 5 spins with 10x multiplier at the other end. There’s no right answer, and you can have success with either option, but choose carefully! This is the only bonus, but all those options mean you can have a different experience every time with this bonus.

Casino77 Verdict

The Legend of 5 Ninjas game is a great looking slot that really manages to bring its theme alive, and while it would have been better to have more bonuses, you’ll very much enjoy blasting through the bamboo forest in search of cash with your ninja friends. This is definitely a slot that requires patience, not a jackpot machine, but it’s great fun to play!