Kongo Bongo Game Review

Kongo Bongo Game Review

It seemed like modern graphics and whizzy new mechanics were threatening to make simple, three reel slots a thing of the past, but the rise in mobile gaming and the need to feature fun games that worked on a small screen has fired some life back into the genre.

Kongo Bongo is one such game, combining all the simplicity of a good old fashioned one-armed bandit with the modern graphics and effects that you’d expect from the latest games. But does this revamped retro slot pay as good as it looks? Let’s take a look in our Kongo Bongo slot review.


Kongo Bongo looks absolutely stunning! The background to the game is a sun dappled jungle scene complete with trees and lush vegetation while fireflies dance in the shadows, and the reels are contained inside a hollowed out log. Sitting on top of the log is a cheeky looking chimp who has managed to bag himself some snazzy looking gear, including a purple blazer and some expensive shades, while he wears a huge gold chain around his neck. The symbols themselves are all nicely themed and easily visible in the pay table above, including bananas, bongos, lucky sevens, stars and the BAR symbol, which can appear stacked three high. The highlight of the presentation is the music and sound effects, which are great: the chimp squawks and chatters as you play, while frenetic bongo music fills the air.

The biggest attraction of old style slot games like Kongo Bongo is their simplicity, there are no fancy bonuses or confusing options and what you see is what you get. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Kongo Bongo slot game, which has just three reels and one row with one pay line to play on. Despite this the maximum bet is still pretty high at £/€/$100 per spin, so this isn’t just a diversion, and that means that the maximum payout from this game is £/€/$80,000 – which isn’t half bad however you slice it. Considering that top win is possible on just one spin, and you could be seconds away from a fortune whenever you play this game.

Kongo Bongo Bonuses

One of the major downsides about playing games like Kongo Bongo is that there are no bonus games at all to play, though how much of a problem this is will depend on your style of play. Fans of modern games may miss the varied action, but it’s hard to argue with a slot that has its top prize available to anyone after just one lucky spin. There are no silly hoops to jump through, no meters to fill or symbols to collect, so you get about as pure a gaming experience as you’re likely to find today.

Casino77 Verdict

Kongo Bongo is a great looking game that is remarkably simple to play, just consult the pay table and spin the wheel to see what you’ve won, and though there are no bonuses to speak of there are still loads of great prizes that are just one spin away.