Kitty Payout Slot Game Review

Kitty Payout Slot Game Review

We hope you’ve got a strong stomach for cuteness, because otherwise this slot might make you lose your lunch. Kitty Payout is absolutely dripping with fuzzy wuzzy, pink and glitter cuteness as far as the eye can see, but that’s just a day in the life of a pampered kitten.

It’s a world of sunshine and rainbows where the biggest problem is finding a new ball of string to play with when you lose the last one, but is there some cash hiding among the cuteness? Let’s find out in our Kitty Payout slot game review.


This game looks like absolute heaven for a fun loving cat, because Kitty Payout is littered with things that cats go crazy for. The background to the reels looks like the cat has a whole nursery to itself, with wallpaper and décor like a child’s bedroom, and while we know plenty of people love their cats, this is ridiculous! The high paying symbols here are balls of string, paper mice, scratching posts, tins of tuna and little collars with bells on, while the low paying symbols are the standard 9 – A made from colourful fabric. The soundtrack is cute and bouncy, like a kids TV show, while there are a few little animations that happen when you make combinations.

The Kitty Payout slot game has fairly standard features with three rows and five reels with 25 pay lines and a maximum bet of £/€/$13. The game makes up for it, however, offering some pretty amazing payouts in the main game that run from top to bottom along the pay scale, with the top three symbols paying more than 1000x your stake and maxing out with the collar, which pays 2500x your stake for five. This means that the RTP is a little low at 95%, but if you do manage to strike it lucky you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Even the lowest paying symbols promise 100x your stake for five, more than some games pay as a jackpot!

Kitty Payout Bonuses

Kitty Payout is a pretty simplistic slot at heart, but there is a bonus round and a wild. The wild is a bowl of milk which can substitute for other symbols to generate wins, while the scatter is a white kitten that can activate the free spins round. Five of the kittens can activate 25 free spins, and while there are no other bonuses on top of this you can still manage to land yourself some serious payouts by combining the generosity of the free spins with those big payouts.

Casino77 Verdict

While Kitty Payout might not be the most sophisticated slot game you’ll find out there, you can’t argue with a game that promises a generous bonus round and some top quality prizes. The theme might put some people off, but if you’re able to look past the fluffy visuals you’ll find there’s plenty of cash just waiting to be grabbed as well!