Joker Poker Slot Game Review

Joker Poker Slot Game Review

Ten years ago Joker Poker might have been entering a crowded market, but the world has moved on very quickly from video Poker and many younger gamers may never have played it. It’s a very basic but effective variant of the game, allowing you to bet on the chance of forming a winning hand that can upset the odds and land you with a big prize.

This isn’t the game for you if extra features are your thing, but fans of Poker or players looking for something different will be in for a treat! Let’s take a look in our Joker Poker slot game review.


A pink and yellow cityscape sits behind the reels with two winking jokers flanking the five cards in the centre, around the pay table in the centre. The cards used are traditional black and red playing cards, though these include the Joker card that plays a part in the game later. Animations, sound effects and soundtrack are pretty much absent in this game, but it’s much more about the experience of playing than the attendant bells and whistles.

The basic conceit of Joker Poker is that you get prizes for forming Poker hands, the more valuable the better. Each ‘spin’ deals you a new hand of cards, though you can hold as many of the cards as you like to freeze them in place and only swap out the cards you don’t want, enabling you to gradually build a top class winning hand. The lowest score you can achieve is a pair of Kings, which awards up to 5x your stake if you bet the maximum £/€/$5 per spin, while a Royal Flush awards you as much as 5000x if you bet the maximum. The biggest appeal of this game is the RTP, which sits up at a fantastic 98.60%, and can be achieved by betting the maximum on each spin. One extra feature players might enjoy is the Joker itself, which substitutes for other cards and can be used to finish off valuable hands. There are also various strategies that you can apply to your hand that allow you to take charge of your destiny, which dictate what you should do with whichever cards you land.


The Joker Poker slot game doesn’t have any particular bonus rounds at all to play, but one feature it does have is the gamble function which you can use to boost your existing wins. After each win players can choose to gamble half or all of their winnings on a game of higher or lower, which either returns double or nothing, though if the next card is the same you get your stake back and you can try again.

Casino77 Verdict

Joker Poker provides a fun and exciting game of video poker that younger players may never have seen before. An excellent RTP and a very big top prize mean that there’s plenty of reward on offer too, so why not give it a go?