Jackpot 3x3 Game Review

Jackpot 3x3 Game Review

There aren’t too many original game ideas out there to shout about, which is why we’re always delighted to play a game that breaks the mould and does things its own way.

Jackpot 3×3 certainly manages that, offering not one but nine slot games at once to play with at once, with some big jackpots to play for at the top end. Let’s take a further look in our Jackpot 3×3 slot game review.


Jackpot 3×3 is a very functional game because there’s so much going on, so in terms of the theme it is very straightforward. This is a slot where all the fun you’ll have is to be found in the main gameplay, not in the exciting imagery or the sound effects, which may be a problem to some but will suit others down to the ground. In terms of what you can see, the colours are all very bright and simple while the symbols are also simple and geometric shapes, with more complicated shapes being the higher value symbols. The game has fairly generic slot sounds in place of sound effects, and limited animations, but it’s already so fast and frenetic that you don’t want much else to get in the way!

The beauty of the Jackpot 3×3 slot game is that it offers more or less the simplest slot experience possible, just lots of it at once! You get nine completely independent three reel, one row slots to play on that allow you to bet on one, some or all at once, and all you have to do is hope that they come up good! One result of this is a very nice betting range, allowing you to wager as much as a huge £/€/$450 on one spin, though you don’t have to go anywhere near that high if you don’t want to. The reels are arranged in three rows of three, with the top reels only ever showing low value symbols and the bottom reels only ever showing high value symbols, so you can choose to bet on either or both depending on what you want to risk. Each reel is also a colour that corresponds to the minimum chip value you can bet on that row, with the low value reels being the lowest and the high value ones being the highest. None of the reels pay all that well on their own, with a maximum of 500x your stake to be won on one spin, but the cash will soon flow if you land a number of wins on one spin! There’s also the amazing RTP of 98.01 to think about, one of the highest you’ll find anywhere!

Jackpot 3×3 Bonuses

There are no specific bonus features on the Jackpot 3×3 slot game, though we’re sure you won’t mind given that you get nine chances to win per spin. What you see is what you get in this slot, and you’ll probably be glad that there isn’t more to keep track of when you’re trying to control nine different slots at once!

Casino77 Verdict

Jackpot 3×3 is a very simple and functional slot that offers a pure mechanic playing experience, no bells and whistles in sight! Having said that, it’s hard to beat the frenetic excitement of spinning and winning with nine slots at once and we bet that you’ll have fallen in love with playing after just a few tries!