Iron Girl Game Review

Iron Girl Game Review

It’s time to suit up and battle evil in this next adventure in the Play N Go superheroes universe. Forget those pretenders from Marvel and DC: These are the guys you should be watching. This time it’s the turn of Iron Girl, the developers’ anime-inspired cosmic crime fighter, backed up by her incredible Iron Armour.

Can you save the universe and make yourself a tidy bit of cash in the process with this game’s interesting re-spins feature? Let’s take a look in our Iron Girl review.


Not to be confused with the Marvel character of the same name, Iron Girl is an intergalactic bounty hunter tasked with tracking down the most despicable criminals in the universe with the help of her trusty battle suit. The inspiration from Japanese anime is clear, and the game does a good job of maintaining that aesthetic in clever ways throughout. The menus and character design look suitably space-age and have amazing attention to detail, from the re-imagined card suits that represent low-value symbols to the wanted posters of alien criminals that represent the high-value symbols.

The game itself is relatively simple, taking place on a basic three row, five reel grid with up to 20 paylines available. While this game does have a wild, represented by Iron Girl’s Gundam armour, most controversially it has no scatters because there is no dedicated bonus round. This means you’ll be relying on the game’s villains, Quake, Slith, Shia and Thunder, to help you rack up the big bucks. Bets range from £/€/$0.20 to £/€/$100 per spin, and with an RTP of 95% there’s clearly potential for some big wins, but how does it work with no bonus round?


The first thing you’ll be pleased to know is that this game doesn’t have free spins because you get them automatically. The high-value villain symbols and wilds are sticky, so they stay on your reel for another spin once they have landed. If you land more of the same villain on your re-spin, you continue to get free spins until you fail to land any more of the same type of villain or wild. Aside from the cash that this mechanic naturally racks up, you get special bonuses as you collect more villains, attracting a 2x, 3x and 5x multiplier as you collect 10, 12 and 14 respectively. This can get quite complicated, but to put it simply, collecting a 5x multiplier on the most valuable villain wins you an amazing 1,000x your stake.

While this may not be the type of complex and involved bonus round that you’re used to, it does have the benefit of being unlimited: You can trigger the villain multipliers as often as you like, and there are no caps on the number of free spins or your prize money.

Casino77 Verdict

The Iron Girl slot game majorly bucks the trend towards ever more involved and complicated bonus rounds set by most modern slots but replaces it with an interesting and lucrative multiplier mechanic. While lovers of mini-games may want to give this slot a miss, it’s hard to argue with the kinds of unlimited bonuses that this slot offers to your wallet!