Instant Football Game Review

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Instant Football Game Review

Betting on sports is a game that is older than most sports themselves, and for many, it’s a ritual that means as much as the game itself. It’s tricky when compared with the 24/7, always-on, world of slots though because there aren’t always games taking place to enjoy.

So what if there was a way you could have on-demand football to bet on whenever you wanted it? That’s what you get with Instant Football, which simulates games so you can bet whenever you like. So is this game top of the league, or risking relegation? Let’s take a look in our Instant Football review.


It’s worth mentioning from the start that this game is very different from a traditional slot game visually, to the point where it might not look like one at all. It has much more in common with football management games, and shares a lot of the looks: Complicated menus giving you all the options, football pitches and stadia in the background and lots of green and grey tones. This may not appeal to fans of other types of slots, but if you’re the target market of football fans this game is going for, you’ll be right at home.

The visuals aside, the Instant Football slot game is actually quite simple to play once you’ve got your head around the options. You can bet on everything from the winning team to the total number of goals scored, the half time score, or a combination of several of the above and more in one accumulator style bet. The odds for each bet differ depending on the two teams involved, as does the RTP, which varies between a high of 95% for a simple win/lose bet and a low of 91% for an exact score. Once you’ve placed your bets, you simply start the game. This is effectively the ‘spin’, and you can choose to watch highlights of the game or just see the result. Either way, the maths is handled by a random number generator exactly like a slot, but you get the benefit of a 3D simulated football match if you’d like to watch it. The graphics really are quite good, and if you’ve played a football management simulator before you should be familiar with the types of visuals to expect, except you win money if your team is victorious!


There aren’t any specific bonus rounds to play as you would expect from a slot game, but there are a number of features to maximise your bet or minimise your risk that you wouldn’t get with regular slots, so there are plenty of chances to boost your winnings. Whether that means taking an all-out risk on an unfavoured team, or studying the provided analytics on team form that the game gives you to make an educated bet, there are all kinds of ways to boost your cash prizes.

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Casino77 Verdict

Instant Football is not a traditional slot on the surface by any means, but when you drill down past the visuals and the mechanics, the same practice of choosing your bet and spinning the reels is the same. For football fans, Instant Football is like playing your favourite management sim but with cash prizes, while even non-fans will appreciate this game’s unique take on the slot genre.

Casino77 Score: 4/5