Ho Ho Tower Game Review

Ho Ho Tower Game Review

If you ever needed evidence that slot games have entered the 21st century then Ho Ho Tower is it, merging great graphics and a futuristic theme with a cool automated betting strategy straight out of the financial markets.

On the surface, this is a Christmas themed version of the existing game Hong Kong Tower, but thanks to a couple of tweaks beyond the cosmetic there is even more fun to be had here. So will this game be a Ho Ho Ho or a No No No? Let’s take a look in our Ho Ho Tower slot game review!


At first glance this game looks like a bit of a strange combination between a slick, futuristic setting and a classic white Christmas stereotype, however, it soon starts to work when you get used to it. Ho Ho Tower undoubtedly looks great, beginning with a cool laser show as you shoot to the top of the Hong Kong skyline in a swirling blizzard. Hong Kong doesn’t get much snow but we’ll let that slide because of how cool it looks, with Christmas themed symbols like candy canes and humbugs combined with an awesome bonsai Christmas tree and a golden lucky 7 as the higher value icons. The game even plays Christmas songs in the background to set the mood!

Just like a gift under a Christmas tree, the Ho Ho Tower slot game is full of exciting and fun things that can spice up your day. For a start, there are 99 ways to win in this slot, and while the maximum bet is only £/$/€50 the inclusion of the mystery symbol instead of a wild really adds to the suspense and the potential wins. The high RTP supports this conclusion, sitting around the 96.4% mark. These symbols all start out looking the same, but as soon as the spinning stops they transform into the symbol you need to complete a win.

Even better, if the mystery symbol transforms into a Yin Yang scatter symbol, it automatically counts as the five that you need to start the bonuses with maximum lives. Hong Kong is an appropriate place to set this slot, because the bet assistant is back, letting you set an automatic betting strategy that is a lot like the one you’d use on the financial markets. Depending on your attitude to risk, the optimizer, leveller, jumper and booster settings all have automatic rules that respond to your past results to recommend future bets.


We’ve talked a bit about the bonus round, which you can activate by landing three or more Yin Yang scatters, though four or five is better because you get to play the bonus with more lives. As soon as you have landed the requisite number you’ll go shooting up into the clouds in a typically spectacular animation, where you’ll spin the Wheels in the Sky.

This game is a standard wheel of fortune type game where you’ll spin a wheel to see if you land a cash prize, a wheel upgrade or a blank space. There are three levels of wheel on which the cash prizes get more and more valuable, but if you hit a blank you’ll lose a life until you have no more remaining and the game ends. There are no free spins, but because you can keep spinning the wheels until you run out of lives, it feels like you get lots of them!

Casino77 Verdict

Ho Ho Tower is a spectacular looking game that takes an existing title and sparkles it up for Christmas, whilst offering some exciting new options along the way. It looks and sounds great, and the fun and inventive bonus round will have you coming back for more just to play it. The Christmas theme may seem out of place outside the festive season, but we can’t find a fault with the rest!