Gunslinger Reloaded Game Review

Gunslinger Reloaded Game Review

Of any time in history, it feels like the days of the American west embodies the spirit of slots the most: the risk and reward, the nail-biting showdowns and the promise of lots of cash. That’s why we love going back to the days of cowboys and bandits, and why we love Gunslinger Reloaded.

Thanks to some great visuals and some fun and inventive bonus choices, Gunslinger Reloaded has to be the ultimate cowboy slot game, but will you win the West or will you be next for the noose? Let’s take a look in our Gunslinger Reloaded slot game review.


The Gunslinger Reloaded slot game looks stunning and employs a sepia-toned cartoon style to really bring a turn of the century feel to the visuals. Everything in this slot brings out the Wild West theme perfectly, from the sleepy mining town behind the reels where a windmill spins lazily and cacti sway in the breeze, to the array of great looking symbols on the board. A gold pan, a sheriff’s badge, a portrait of your sweetheart, your faithful steed and a bottle of whiskey make up the high-value symbols, and while the low-value icons are represented by 9-A playing cards this also has a part to play in the bonuses. A soundtrack and some great sound effects that owe more than a little to Clint Eastwood adds to the atmosphere in the background, too.

The mechanics in this game can seem a little complicated, with so many options in the bonus rounds, but it’s actually not too hard once you get used to it. It’s simple enough to start, with five reels and three rows to play on, while the betting limits are nice and generous too, running from £/$/€0.20 to £/$/€75. To put that into perspective the most valuable symbol in the main game is the Sheriff’s badge, which gets you 400x your stake, so that’s pretty generous and explains the high RTP of 96.63%. You can even win by collecting just two of the gold pan and the horse symbols, which help you win even more. The special symbols you’ll need to watch out for are the wanted posters and the whiskey bottles, both of which activate different bonus rounds.


Collect three wanted posters featuring the three different bad guys to activate the main bonus round, which employs a fun and exciting mechanic to win you some money. This game simulates the hunt for these dastardly bandits: from the confrontation in the saloon where you have to shoot one of three whiskey bottles thrown at you to the street fight where you have to shoot one of three knives and then one of three sticks of dynamite they hurl in your direction. Each of these three sets of objects has a random reward behind them that you’ll win at the end, so choose wisely. The final phase is a gunfight in the street, where you have to predict which of the three directions the bandit will shoot you from in order to win the prize, gunning him down before he can fire and adding a multiplier to your total win.

On top of this bonus are two others: One is a fairly standard free spins round gained through matching three bottles of whiskey in exchange for 10 free spins, during which all wins are doubled. There’s also a progressive jackpot linked to the low-value card suits we mentioned earlier: Complete a combination with each of the face cards and the ace, and you stand a chance of winning the games progressive jackpot.

Casino77 Verdict

Gunslinger Reloaded is one of those games that seems to get everything right, from the excellent design and sound effects all the way to the engaging bonus rounds and great payouts, and nothing is wasted. You’ll feel transported back to the Old West in those desperate days of hard-nosed cowboys and dastardly villains, and you might even strike gold!