Golden Goal Game Review

Golden Goal Game Review

With better graphics, faster computers and more impressive technology being developed all the time it seemed like the days of simple slot machines were over, but mobile gaming has bought them a lifeline. Players on the go don’t want fiddly, complex mechanics or games that are difficult to appreciate on a smaller screen, which is where old fashioned three reel slots like Golden Goal come in.

Stripping out all the flash and glamour and settling for simple themes, good odds and big payouts, will you win the cup with this game, or are you heading for the drop? Let’s find out in our Golden Goal slot game review.


The Golden Goal slot game, and the rash of recent new releases just like it, have been designed with mobile gaming in mind. That means simple, uncluttered displays and simple mechanics, so you can play on the bus or the train without having to strain your eyes. In that regard Golden Goal does a great job: The screen is about as simple as you’ll find, with just three reels and one row, as well as a handy paytable to the right letting you know how to win. Fans of older slots, or even real-life fruit machines, will recognise the set up straight away, while younger players may be turned off by the simple looks and lack of features. The background looks like a football pitch and you’re on the lookout for boots, gloves, balls and referees’ whistles.

One of the great things about such a straightforward game is that there are lots of ways to win, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to manage it. Three of any single symbol bags you a win, as does one of each symbol, or any combination that includes one or two footballs. The payouts are also pretty good, and while the simpler types of win only bag you single-digit multiples of your original bet, three goalie gloves can bag you 100x your stake if you bet one coin while that goes up to 600x with three coins. The downside to this is that each coin is only worth £/$/€0.25 and the maximum you can bet is £/$/€0.75, so you’ll need to bet high pretty much all the time if you want to make any cash, and that’s probably why the RTP is a disappointing 94.12%


We said that this game is stripped back, and that means no bonus rounds, but there is a progressive jackpot that should leave you smiling. We’ve spoken about the coins already, and how you’re allowed to bet up to three on each spin, but the only way to win the jackpot is to bet the maximum and hope you land three footballs. This grabs you a progressive jackpot from the PlayNGo network that is at least ₹36,000 and can go as high as an effectively unlimited amount. It’s hard to land, but it’s totally worth it when it does.

Casino77 Verdict

Golden Goal isn’t the game to play if you like fancy graphics, bonus rounds, sound effects or free spins. It’s simple, straightforward and doesn’t pack any surprises. However, if you like a game that pays well, plays quickly is easy to pick up and put down and comes with a top drawer jackpot, then you should give it a try. Fans of football should be especially happy with the theme, and anyone who likes money will enjoy the payouts!