Furlong Fortunes Sprint Game Review

Furlong Fortunes Sprint Game Review

There’s probably no purer experience in gambling than getting all dressed up and heading to the racecourse in your finest, swigging on champagne and putting a few bets on the magnificent horses racing for your pleasure.

Aiming to capture all of that magic in a slot game is hard, but Furlong Fortunes Sprint is having a good try at it anyway! With some great graphics to capture the sights and sounds and some fun mechanics to recreate the atmosphere, are you an odds on favourite or are you an outside shot? Let’s take a look at our Furlong Fortunes Sprint slot game review.


There’s nothing tongue in cheek about the Furlong Fortunes Sprint slot game, and its visuals take the whole concept very seriously. You’ll feel like you want to take your shoes off, because everything is polished and perfect, from the lovely wooden stables to the immaculate course in the background that moves along as you play. The low-value symbols are slightly disappointing, as they’re just the generic 9 – A, but the high-value symbols are colourful depictions of the horses and jockeys in their silks. You get to pick a favourite horse whenever you like, a mechanic that comes up trumps later, and coupled with the grand music you’ll feel like you’re really at a prestigious race meet!


While the theme to this slot might be grand, Furlong Fortunes Sprint is a simple affair at heart, offering five reels and three rows with 20 pay lines to play on. The top bet is pretty high at £/€/$100 per spin, but wins aren’t especially frequent, so you might go a few spins without hitting the jackpot. So how does this game come out with an RTP as high as 96.48%? The secret to that is in the bonus rounds! Neither the wild nor the scatter, represented by the silver horseshoe and the game’s logo, will help you get there – for that you need to watch out for the gold coins!


As you might expect, this game is all about Race Day itself, the name of the main bonus round in Furlong Fortunes Sprint. Land six gold coins on one spin and you’ll be given three re-spins which re-set whenever you manage to land a gold coin on the reels, and all coins on the reels are stuck for the duration of your spins. Boost coins are also in play and add to the value of all the coins you have collected so far. Once you’re out of re-spins the Boost game will play, during which all the coins you have collected are randomly assigned to horses and you’ll watch them race on a TV screen. If your favourite horse chosen earlier wins a race, you get a payout equal to the coin it has been assigned times your wager. If it wins twice in a row you get 100x your wager, and if it wins three times in a row you get 1000x your wager!

Casino77 Verdict

Furlong Fortunes Sprint looks great, and though the main game isn’t the most generous out there, the Race Day bonus is such a lot of fun and with such great prizes that you won’t care once you get there. This combination of great visuals and great prizes is a winning one, so you’ll definitely feel like a champion whatever happens!