Fruit Bonanza Game Review

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Fruit Bonanza Game Review

You might think you’ve got this game all figured out in a quick glance, but Fruit Bonanza does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve that mark it out from all the other nostalgically simple slots experiences.

On the face of it, this game is just another fruit machine, complete with all the classic symbols you know and love as well as a simple spin and win mechanic. But gun for the big jackpots and you could walk away with tens of thousands in your pocket. Fancy a go? Let’s take a look in our Fruit Bonanza slot game review.


The Fruit Bonanza slot game looks an awful lot like many of the other fruit machine style slots at first glance, boasting simple but high-quality graphics that simulate the basic look and feel of an old-style gaming machine from the 60s or 70s. The symbols are retro too, with all your favourite fruit machine symbols coming into play, including lemons, cherries, strawberries, horseshoes, bells, clovers, pineapples and the lucky number seven. All the symbols are well-drawn and the animations are smooth but don’t expect anything more sophisticated than this out of the art style. The big difference in play here is the horn of plenty symbol, which also acts as the game’s wild.

In terms of the game’s mechanics, it’s all very traditional in this area too: Five reels and three rows await to help you land symbols, and with only five paylines the wins aren’t going to be as frequent as they might be in modern slots. That doesn’t matter, however, because when this game pays it pays big. Even the very lowest win possible, three cherries, generates a win 10x your stake. The highest possible win, five lucky 7s, wins you 3500x your stake. It’s an old fashioned slot in the best way, rewarding persistence and bold betting instead of mini-games and bonus rounds. Betting is pretty low stakes, ranging from £/€/$0.90 to £/€/$4.50 per spin, and with a pretty low RTP of 93.05%, you’ll want to hit those big symbols as much as you can.


While there are no free spins or specific bonus rounds available in this game, the progressive jackpots available are more than mouthwatering enough to tempt any player. There are four jackpots available: Fruit, Juice, Bonanza and Super, won by landing those elusive horns of plenty on the reels. The total jackpot changes every day and depends on how much your fellow players have been betting on the game, but these regularly stretch into the tens of even hundreds of thousands in £/€/$. You can only land horns on spins in which you’ve waged the maximum of £/€/$4.50, so you may find your kitty slipping away faster than usual if you target the jackpots specifically, but you won’t care if you win even the lowest of them!

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Casino77 Verdict

On the face of it, this game is just another good looking, easy going slot game that replicates the good old days of fruit machines online. However, with the addition of the amazing progressive jackpots, this game has the potential to be as good for your wallet as any on the market. Going after these jackpots is a grind, and many have emptied their wallets in the attempt, but the winner will end up as rich as a king.

Casino77 Score: 4/5