Frontside Spins Game Review

Frontside Spins Game Review

You’ll need your warm coat on when you play this slot because it’s all about to get icy! For those of you not in the know, Frontside Spins refers to a snowboarding stance, so you won’t be surprised to learn that this game is all about downhill sports like skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

Alongside the frosty visuals you’ve also got some pretty decent prizes as you help your animal friends hang loose on the slopes, but is there cash to be had as well as extreme vibes? Let’s take a look at our Frontside Spins slot game review.


No prizes for guessing that snow features pretty heavily in this game’s design, and the whole slot is decked out to look like a mountain race track, with course markers to denote the pay lines, a covering of snow across the top of the reels and a snow-capped peak looming in the background. The low-value symbols are the standard 9 – A, though they’re encased in blocks of ice, while extreme animals and sports equipment make up the high-value symbols. Present are, A dog in sunglasses, a snowmobiling rabbit, a baby penguin, a snowmobile, some skis and a snowboard. The graphics are all nicely rendered in 3D, which helps bring the sporting action to life!

Game Play

As you might have detected from the slightly cutesy theme, the Frontside Spins slot game isn’t designed for high rollers, and with low betting limits and pretty low maximum payouts, it’s not going to be helping you retire any time soon. That’s not a problem though, because slot games are there for every budget and play style, so if you’re more of a low roller or a hobby player then this game will be right up your alley. The top bet in this five-reel, three-row game is £/€/$11.25 and the RTP is low at 91.3%, but that’s not to say there are isn’t money to be won even if you bat low, because five polar bears can still net you an amazing 7500x your stake! Even among the normal symbols, five huskies can land 800x your stake, so there’s definitely winning potential if you can find it.


On top of these payouts, there is also a simple bonus round consisting of free spins, which you can activate by landing three of the snowman scatters. This gets you ten free spins whose values are tripled, meaning that it’s a nice little earner if you can manage to land some of the highest value symbols while you’re playing this round. The polar bear symbol is wild, too, so as well as being high paying he can also substitute for other symbols to help you make combos.

Casino77 Verdict

All in all, Frontside Spins is a fun and good looking slot game that will appeal more to low rollers than high rollers thanks to the gentle pace and low betting limits, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun and cash to be found out there on the slopes. With a generous bonus round and some high paying symbols to land, your fortunes could turn on a sixpence!