Foxin Wins Football Fever Game Review

Foxin Wins Football Fever Game Review

There’s nothing we like more than a good sequel, and Foxin Wins Football Fever happens to be the sequel to one of the funniest and charming slots of recent times, introducing us once again to the wily Fox and his family of good living gold diggers.

Like any good family who has more money than they know what to do with, it seems like they’ve gone and bought a football team, though they seem to be getting more into it than a Sheik or a Russian oil tycoon. So will this be a good investment, or will your cash go down the tubes? Let’s take a look at our Foxin Wins Football Fever slot game review.


Everything about this slot is football mad, from the huge stadium in the background to all of the symbols, which are represented by the standard 9 – A for the low symbols and members of the Fox family for the high-value symbols. Mr Fox as a referee, the cubs in football strips and Mrs Fox in her familiar Rolls Royce are the highest value images while wads of cash and football trophies are among the lower value. There is also a typical footballer’s mansion and a pot of gold to play for, leaving you in no two minds about whether Mr Fox is short of a bob or two.


There’s no doubt that this slot has a lot going for it visually thanks to all the bright colours and amusing symbols representing the Fox family’s antics, but in terms of the mechanics, it’s all fairly typical, using five reels and three rows with 25 pay lines to play on. While the betting limit is ordinarily a fairly low £/€/$25, the game’s Superbet option means you can hugely boost your potential outlay up to a massive £/€/$1250 in jurisdictions that allow it, meaning your potential wins can be huge. With a slightly below-average RTP of 95.6%, it’s definitely advisable to bet higher to maximize your wins when they come.


The Foxin Wins Football Fever slot game hands out special features like treats rather than having one big bonus round. These all happen in the main game, and in the first instance it can mean symbols being turned wild by the Fox pups who hump out from behind them, while you can also have Mr Fox appear in a shower of gold, or you can even catch a Leprechaun as it runs across the screen. Finally, there is an actual bonus game, a typical free spins round, which you can activate by landing three of the Pot Of Gold scatters, which gives you ten free spins.

Casino77 Verdict

Foxin Wins Football Fever is a fun little game that carries on nicely from where the first game left off, bringing with it an exciting football theme that’s fun for fans and non-fans alike. The sprinkling of little bonuses is a nice touch, and even the main bonus round is no slouch despite all the rest of the generosity heaped on the player, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you walk away rich!