Flamin Elle ‌Slot‌‌ Game‌ ‌Review‌ ‌ ‌

Flamin Elle ‌Slot‌‌ Game‌ ‌Review‌ ‌ ‌

This game is organized by Core Gaming. It’s a very fun slot and it can be played on a 6 by 4 reel grid. There are various features that can be discovered in this slot game such as free spins, wilds, additional wilds and multipliers.

Flamin Elle ‌Slot‌ ‌Game‌ Gameplay‌

This game is quite easy to understand. You can choose the range of their betting stake through the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons available at the left of the screen. Moreover, they can also use the autospin feature to play the game on the ‘Autoplay mode’.

Flamin Elle ‌Slot‌ ‌Game‌ ‌Symbols‌ ‌

The game has various symbols. The low paying symbols are represented by card numbers. Whereas, the high paying symbols are represented by the theme of the game. Longer combinations such as four or five symbols together will lead to higher payout. Therefore, you should be on a lookout for higher symbol combinations. Also there are also Wild symbols in this game, which replaces the normal symbols and deliver higher payouts. Furthermore, if three or more scatter symbols appear on the reel then it would trigger a bonus game.

Flamin Elle ‌Slot‌ Game‌ ‌Features‌ ‌and‌ ‌Bonuses‌ ‌

There are a few bonus features in this game. Below are some of the features:

Random Bonus Feature

It’s easier to form wins under this feature, as 10 wild symbols appear on the reel when this feature is triggered. Moreover, this feature is triggered randomly and when it arrives; the dragon blows fire across the screen.

Free Spins Bonus Features

If the punter receives three matching scatter symbols on the reel, then the free spin feature is triggered. Moreover, a multiplier is also added to the free spin which is remarkable for punters.

Furthermore, Blaze it Up feature allows more bonuses.

Flamin Elle ‌Slot‌ ‌Game‌ ‌RTP‌ ‌ ‌

Flamin Elle has an RTP (which is also known as the return to player, or the payout ratio) of 95.3%.

Casino77 Verdict

It’s a magnificent slot game powered by Core Gaming. You will be glued to it once you start playing. The game offers good features and hefty amounts can be earned if lucky!