Double Bonus Poker Slot Game

Double Bonus Poker Slot Game

In this Double Bonus Poker Slot Game Review, we want to inform players of a certain few details before they get started, to make sure they know what to expect and head into the game ready to play. Therefore, we will look to cover the general gameplay, what the RTP (return to player) rate this game has, if there are any Double Bonus Poker Bonuses to tell you about, and if at the end of the day this is a fun and engaging online game to play.

Background, Visuals and Gameplay

Microgaming has been around on the scene for a good few years now, and in that time they have built a solid reputation for producing some of the best slot games around. It is a field they know well, and all of their slots are engaging, enjoyable to play, and look great.

The Double Bonus Poker Slot Game is no different in that regard, with everything from the background through to the menu screens and symbols on the cards have been incredibly well designed.

The minimum bet is $/€/£0.25 per hand, while the maximum is $/€/£25, so it is a game that caters for all experience levels.

Unlike the majority of their output, this is not a conventional slot game. Instead, Microgaming has brought us an enjoyable video Poker game. For anyone with any experience of Poker, whether on the internet or in a real life casino, you will quickly understand how this all works. For those of you who are new to Poker, we’ll give you a quick recap of everything you need to know.


The symbols in Double Bonus Poker Slot are the standard card symbols. The lowest value card is the 2, working up through to 10. From there the cards that are worth the most are the Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

You will always have five cards in your hand, and the aim is to beat the dealer. If you are confident your hand is good, you will stick with these cards. If not, you’ll need to twist and get some new cards.

The best hand available is a Royal Flush, which will reward players with a maximum jackpot of 4000 coins. Four of a kind is also extremely valuable, with four aces in the same hand being worth up to 800 coins.

Double Bonus Poker Bonuses

We know a lot of you will be reading this Double Bonus Poker Slot Game Review for information on the bonuses, but because this is not a conventional slot game, there aren’t really any bonus features to speak of. However, given the jackpots available in the main game, we feel that there is still a great chance to win some serious prizes here.

RTP Rate

The RTP rate for this game is 99.37%, so you stand a great chance of some returns when playing.

Casino77 Verdict

If you are looking for an engaging online poker experience, then this offering from Microgaming is the one for you. No, there might not be any Double Bonus Poker Bonuses, but with an RTP rate of 99.37%, it is quite likely you can win some top prizes when playing.