Diamond Deal Slot Game Review

Diamond Deal Slot Game Review

In a slot world crowded with new entries with all the latest bells and whistles, there’s still a place in the market for a good old fashioned slot machine with simple gameplay and familiar symbols. Diamond Deal falls squarely in that category, with rules and looks that are about as close to the original one-armed bandits as you’re likely to find outside of a museum today.

So is Diamond Deal a blast from the past, or is it last season’s look? Let’s find out in our Diamond Deal slot game review!


The importance of looks to your gameplay experience will determine whether or not you enjoy this slot, because we’ll start off with the disclaimer that this slot is very basic looking. The graphics are crisp and clear, while the game itself is colourful and bright, but the imagery wouldn’t have been out of place in the 90s, with fonts and imagery that is retro at best and tacky at worst. Everything is blue or purple-tinged, from the 7s, BAR logos and cherries that form all of your paying symbols, to the big shiny diamond that will be your wild in this game. That’s about it for the graphics, so if you need a cinematic experience to have fun then this slot probably isn’t for you.

Having said that, you’ll struggle to find a slot these days where the wins are so accessible, so from a gameplay perspective, there are plenty of plusses to highlight. There are only three reels and one row with one payline, and by consulting the paytable on the right of the reels you’ll find that there are a lot of combinations that allow you to win, even if they’re relatively small amounts such as 6x your stake. You need just three 7s to land yourself 300x your stake, while three diamonds will net you 3000x your stake. This all happens on one spin, so you can go from zero to thousands of Rupees in just one spin, no silly mini-games or complicated bonus rounds needed! This is old school fun at its best, with an old school RTP of 96.12%


While there aren’t any separate bonus rounds to play in this game, there is a neat little feature activated when you bet the maximum of three coins on any spin. You’ll get access to a whole new symbol when you do this, the jewellery box, which can land anywhere on the reels as a symbol in its own right. Get four of these and you are then asked to choose one of these to open, revealing a random prize inside.

Casino77 Verdict

We won’t pretend for a second that this game can go toe to toe with some of the newer games on the market, and if you’re after cinematic action then you should give the Diamond Deal slot game a miss, but when it comes to old school action this slot can’t be beaten. It’s very simple and easy to play, the game is fast, the wins are frequent and the prizes are good. If you like old school slots the best, then this is a great choice.