Contact Game Review

Contact Game Review

There’s another contender to add to the recent rush of Aztec and South American themed games around at the moment, and it offers something a little bit different. Contact is a curious variation of the popular cascading reels format shared by a few other slots out there but combined with some great visuals and fun bonuses this is a pretty unique take on what has become a bit of a tired genre.

So will this game please the gods, or are you the sacrifice? Let’s take a look in our Contact slot game review.


Contact is by industry veterans Play N Go, so it has some decent gaming heritage behind it. Reels cascade as usual, but instead of removing successful combinations from the reels this game actually retains them and removes all the unsuccessful blocks. Winning combinations are created by matching clusters of five identical blocks, and the game pays out at the end of each spin when no more matching symbols have been created, rewarding you for each cluster you create. On top of this, the main game features win multipliers by the side of each row, so your multiplier increases every time you manage to fill a whole row with winning symbols, up to a maximum of 33x your win. It’s a bit like arcade classic Tetris, but you’re trying to keep blocks.

So that’s how the mechanics work, now what about the look of the slot game? While the symbols and the setting are fairly typical of what you’d expect from an Aztec themed game, ruined temples, overgrown jungles, animal and god masks, there’s no doubt that it looks great. The graphics are excellent, the illustrations are well done and well-rendered, the animations are frequent and high quality. It may have been done before, but it’s hard to remember the Aztec theme looking this good. With dust falling from the blocks, dramatic explosions and brightly glowing symbols in the bonus round, it’s hard not to get swept up. The maths behind it is also pretty exciting, with a high betting range stretching from £/€/$0.30 to £/€/$100, and an RTP of 96.55% making it fun for low and high rollers alike.


Unlike most games there is no scatter function to activate a free spins mechanic, instead, you automatically get three free spins when you stack winning combinations to the top of the screen (though not necessarily across the rows too). These bonus spins operate like a second version of the game, but instead of getting just multipliers for filling rows, you also get a mystery bonus every third row you fill. These include bonuses that destroy blocks for you, upgrade your symbols or give you more spins. Complete this round and you get another go on an even more rewarding board, with the same bonuses as before but improved, while the multiplier here goes up to 30x.

Casino77 Verdict

The Contact slot game is a fun and inventive pioneer of a type of slot we’re sure is going to become more popular. It’s not the most creative in terms of its setting, but you can’t fault the quality of the graphics and animations, and the mechanics all work nicely to create a fun and unpredictable experience.