Christmas Deal Game Review

Christmas Deal Game Review

Slot games tend to be a fairly traditional bunch, and while new features and innovations get added now and then, most slot games are still pretty similar in terms of the way they work. That’s why we’re always excited when something new comes along, like Christmas Deal!

It’s made by gameshow and mini-game maker Gamevy, so not a traditional slot developer, and it brings a new approach to slots to the table. So is this the Christmas deal you’ve been waiting for, or is it a rip-off? Let’s take a look in our Christmas Deal slot game review.


The setup for the Christmas Deal slot game is about as simple as it gets, with a traditional Christmas scene unfolding before you. There’s a warm looking room around you, a twinkling Christmas tree in the corner, and a big pile of presents to your right, while in front of you there are 50 smaller presents arranged in rows. The graphics in this game are quite charming, capturing the Christmas spirit pretty effectively with all the decorations in place, but this simple slot doesn’t really get much chance to flex its graphical muscles beyond this, as it’s rather static.

So how does the game work? Well, it seems to be inspired partly by classic game show Deal or No Deal, hence the name, in the sense that your objective is to locate the prize money in these 50 presents laid out before you. Unusually, there are none of the trappings you’d expect from a slot game: There are no reels, no rows, no paylines, no wilds and no scatters. Clicking one of the presents opens the box to reveal if it’s empty, or if it contains one of ten diamonds you’re hunting for. You have four lives to play with, and finding an empty box both expends a life and lowers the value of the prize money you’re playing for while finding a diamond actually increases the prize money. It really is as simple as that. Find the diamonds, win the prize, and each ‘spin’ is really just another go at picking the right boxes.


The aim of this game is to find the diamonds in a row, so while Christmas Deal doesn’t have any traditional bonus rounds, you can massively boost your winnings by finding the diamonds consecutively without any empty boxes. And when we say massively, we mean massively. A break in your combination can mean you’re adding just a few £/€/$ to your total prize pot while finding all 10 diamonds in a row with no empty boxes in between wins you a prize of £/€/$20,000. There’s no real trick to it, then, you just have to take your pick and hope you’re lucky.

Casino77 Verdict

Christmas Deal is a strange game, and while it’s definitely different we’re not sure if it will appeal to the majority of slot game fans. You can definitely tell that it was made by a scratch card manufacturer, and while it’s nice to have total control over where you pick, the results feel very random. The RTP of just 92% says it all really, much lower than the vast majority of slot games. It’s great for a simple bit of whimsical fun around Christmas time, though.