Casino Solitaire Slot Game

Casino Solitaire Slot Game

In this upcoming Casino Solitaire Slot Game Review, we will aim to give anyone thinking about playing the game the following key information; how the game is played, what the RTP (return to player) rate is, if there are any Casino Solitaire Bonuses to speak of, and if they then give players a good chance of making some money back.

Background, Visuals and Gameplay

When you think of some of the top online slot game producers that are currently active in the market right now, Microgaming is certainly one of the most recognisable and well respected of them all. They have a proven track record of making quality slots that both look great and are easy to play. The Casino Solitaire Slot Game is no different, with everything from the background (which resembles a real life felt green table) to the cards themselves all looking great.

The idea is to move all the cards in the seven rows at the bottom to the top four spaces, starting with Ace, then going all the way up through the deck to King. To get them on the top section, you can only place cards of the same suit on top of each other, and they have to be in the correct order.

However on the bottom seven rows, the cards face up have to be alternate colours, while staying in numerical order, so black three then a red four etc.

While there are ways to play it just as a fun card game, the reason we’re doing a Casino Solitaire Slot Game Review is because there is some betting involved! Players will need to adjust the amount they wish to bet, from $/€/£0.52 per card up to $/€/£20.80 per card.


Microgaming has made it very simple, by keeping the symbols as the well known basic playing card suits and numbers. That makes the game incredibly easy to follow, even if you’ve never played the Casino Solitaire Slot Game before.

Casino Solitaire Bonuses

While there are no specific bonus features for this Casino Solitaire Slot Game Review to mention, there are also side bets available. If you feel you won’t be able to move your cards, you are correct, you get a x15 payout, up to an impressive $/€/£45.

Then there is the Red and Black bet. If you select one of these colours, and all the cards dealt in the deck come up with that colour, you can win a staggering x200 of your original stake. So while there aren’t any Casino Solitaire Bonuses as such, there still is the chance to achieve some serious winnings when playing this game.

RTP Rate

The return to player rate is 96.80%, which is much higher than the standard online slot.

Casino77 Verdict

Whether you are a fan or not of the original card game, we are sure you’ll enjoy this Microgaming title. While unfortunately there aren’t any Casino Solitaire Bonuses, there still are great opportunities to earn some top payouts.