Battle Mania Slot Game Review

Battle Mania Slot Game Review

Developed by Microgaming, the Battle Mania Slot Game has an interesting layout that will surprise those who open the game expecting to find clearly defined reels and rows. The theming revolves around teams that are going into battle against enemy monsters. The design is fully optimised, so you’ll be able to enjoy complete compatibility across all of your devices, including touchscreen tablets and smartphones.

With a Return to Player (RTP) of 94.75%, the Battle Mania Slot Game offers adjustable levels of variance – each team has its own volatility rating, ranging from low volatility and low wins, to high wins and associated high volatility.

Battle Mania gameplay info

The Battle Mania Slot Game begins when you choose which team you want to play with. Your team will work to damage the enemy monsters, with the ultimate aim being to obliterate them and collect your winnings. After each bet, a team member will battle against the monster a set number of times, with each crystal representing one damage point. An enemy monster will need to receive five damage points to be destroyed, allowing you to collect your win once their health bar is reduced to zero.

As mentioned, each team offers its own volatility rating and level of variance. There are three teams to choose from – green, blue and red, offering low, medium and high volatility, respectively.

The Battle Mania Slot Game’s minimum bet is set at a relatively high $/€/£00.50, while the upper bet limit is set at $/€/£100.00 per spin. The high minimum stake option isn’t the most friendly towards low-rollers or those who are new to the world of online slots.

Bonus features

Special features can be randomly triggered whenever a member of your team receives a special ability card. Bonus features include:

Boss Fight. This is triggered when the Forest Island bonus card is randomly dealt. All team members will join together to try to defeat the boss dragon. When the team member gets a skull card, the dragon will attack, and the team member will die. The feature can only come to an end when either the team member or boss dragon dies, so they’ll need to battle it out.

Villain’s Wave. Activate this feature when the Swamp Island bonus card is dealt at random. You’ll see a magical crossbow rise from the swamp, assisting with eliminating all enemies so the team can retreat. The strength of enemies increases, awarding increased multipliers as it does. There are five ‘waves’, and you’ll move onto the next wave once all enemies are dead.

Free Battles. Land the Desert Island card to receive five free battle rounds, with any resulting wins doubled. A treasure card will provide additional prizes worth up to 1,000 coins during each one of the free battle rounds.

Lava Stones Pick. Activate this feature with the Volcano Island card. You’ll need to select as many lava stones as you can to reveal prizes until you reveal a multiplier stone. All prizes will be added together and multiplied to calculate your win.

Treasure Island Event. Any Treasure Island wins will be boosted by 25% during the event.

Casino77 Verdict

The Battle Mania Slot Game is a fun slot that offers something completely different to the usual reels and rows design we see across most video slots. It can seem a little complicated, but we like the adjustable variance, and the bonus features offer superb chances to boost your prize pot.