Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette

On the face of it, Auto Roulette may look like a typical 2D roulette game with no real distinct features, but a quick scratch of the surface reveals there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Firstly, players will notice that this is in fact a community game with multiple players all playing at the same time, with the result of the spin affecting all players. The only thing separating this from real-life roulette is the lack of a live dealer and a physical wheel. The game itself is video-format, but with influences from traditional roulette, which we will talk about in more detail.

Gameplay, Visuals And Rules

The game itself takes place on a deep, bold blue playtable with your typical roulette layout. Players have 37 numbers to choose from, from 0 to 36, and the aim of the game is to correctly predict which number a little white ball will land on at the end of a spin. Correctly predicting the number will land you a win at odds of 35/1, and with a maximum bet of $€£25 per number per spin, you could land yourself a whopping $€£875 per spin if you land a winning number with the max stake.

Because this is a live game with multiple players, there is a timer on every spin, so you will need to be quick in placing your bets, although there is a “repeat” button available if you have your favourite numbers. In addition to straight-up bets on single numbers, players can bet on the winning colour of a number at even-money, the winning column of numbers (2/1) and much more.

Another fun feature allows players to load up a mini version of the table and place bets on numbers corresponding to their position on the wheel, which makes life easier when you fancy a certain section of the wheel to come in on the next spin. Gameplay is nice and smooth from spin to spin, while the presence of a live chat encourages a fun community atmosphere where banter and chit chat is commonplace.

Casino77 Verdict

Auto Roulette has all the best elements of both live roulette and its video counterpart and brings them all together to provide a great game that is certain to be popular amongst players. Typical video roulette can sometimes be a lonely game, and with live roulette being particularly successful because of the camaraderie that multiple players bring, it’s a smart move by the game developers to make a live version of the albeit popular video version. Visually, the game should have no problems pulling players into the action thanks to its slick look and feel, while the presence of a live chat makes punters feel instantly at home and ready to play. The robotic tone of the “live” dealer could perhaps be given a slight upgrade, but overall, we have no real complaints to report and we highly recommend you giving Auto Roulette a try for yourself!