Auto-Roulette VIP Game Review

Auto-Roulette VIP Game Review

One of the great things about live gaming is that it takes many forms, and you can have just about any experience you want. Whether you prefer CGI-heavy, game show style experiences or traditional dealer-led table games, luxurious high roller rooms or laid back party rooms, it’s all out there.

Auto-Roulette VIP is definitely towards the less social side of the spectrum, more for hardcore gamers than casual or party gamers, with constant action and high bets the name of the game. So is this the way you’d like to game, or does it lose the personal touch? Let’s take a look in our Auto-Roulette VIP review.


For anyone even slightly familiar with Roulette, the setup of this game will look very familiar. The camera takes in the whole Roulette table, including the wheel and the racetrack, with Evolution Gaming’s famous augmented reality menus allowing you to move and place chips on the board wherever you like overlaid on top of the video. One thing you’ll notice early on is that there’s no dealer, which is basically what distinguishes the Auto-Roulette VIP live game from other types of Roulette. The ball is launched by a spring-loaded mechanism that can play a round per minute and usually manages between 60 and 80 rounds in an hour.

All you have to do is choose your chips and place your bets, using the augmented reality menu. Whether this is a problem or not will depend on your style of gaming, and if you’re the sort of player who likes to chat and banter with the dealer or your fellow players then this isn’t the sort of game you’ll enjoy. What it does offer, though, is both a fast and efficient experience and truly 24/7 play. You can play as many rounds as you like, about as fast as you’ll see anywhere online. Visually this game is less stylish than other Evolution Gaming experiences, which tend to be set in high budget studios and with professional dealers, but because speed is the name of the game that probably won’t matter to this game’s fans.


While this game is a faithful rendering of the traditional Roulette experience, and so there aren’t any bonus rounds as such, the VIP element to this game means a slightly different experience. This refers to the betting limits that you’re allowed to reach, which can be as high as £/€/$20,000 and as low as £/€/$0.10. This is fairly unusual in that it accommodates both high and low rollers where most VIP areas are reserved for players betting at least £/€/$5,000 per round, and makes the experience accessible to all kinds of players.

Casino77 Verdict

Auto-Roulette VIP is a great option for players who want the live Roulette experience, but as quickly and efficiently as possible and without the dealer or your fellow players getting in the way. This might be a bit of a sterile experience for players who like the social interaction, but it’s hard to imagine there’s a better way to play as much live Roulette as you want online. The VIP element also heats up the game a lot by having such high betting limits, combined with options for low-ballers too.