Anakatech is a company built on the pride of creating a quality user experience in everything they make. Founded in 2012 they have continued to expand their reach, experience and improve overall experience as time has passed. The main offices are based in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, but are not limited with clients and users all over the world. Anakatech have even created a HTML-5 frame worked application that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone so you can take the games with you on the move.

The studios produce a constant flowing database of games to keep the users experience fluid and exciting. The games and other services are available in over 20 languages, multiple countries, and various currencies are available. Some of their most popular casino games include the likes of Panda Goes Wild and Samba Sound which are all available for you to play on Casino77.

Anakatech are partnered with other companies like Leander and Trisigma. They are a popular casino games provider on a global scale with our games being featured in casinos in Austria, Canada, Japan and the UK to name a small few. They aim to provide a quality experience to everyone and anyone and the games are designed to be played by people from beginners to experts, male or female, any day of the week.  At the start of 2018, they moved to a beautiful new office in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. The office is in the Telus Tower and allows improved working conditions for the company’s excellence to continue expanding. The team is constantly growing, and the company holds a very strong value above the heads of every person who is working with them and contributing towards their victory and triumph.

Anakatech have seem to really cart about the people working for and with them and are constantly hitting their social media pages with updates about current business matters, deals, offers and general updates. They even try to keep the fanbase entertained and involved by posting questions and tasks that entice an answer from you. A lot of the games are featured on various websites, and you can find a multitude of reviews about their games and our services on our site among others! They pride themselves on constantly being on the up-and-up, improving their involvement and your experience and guarantee you won’t find a better option when it comes to your gaming needs. Now you have read all about Anakatech, why not try out some of their games below.