3D European Roulette

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3D European Roulette

General Overview

While some roulette games can lack any sense of character or personality, the creators of 3D European Roulette have successfully created a solution that offers a fun, vibrant gaming atmosphere without needing to leave your house and venture to a casino. The addition of a light, breezy soundtrack helps to put players at ease and creates a more casual environment for players that should make it a popular alternative to more traditional roulette games. Let’s take a look at this one in a bit more detail to see if it’s the right game for you.

Gameplay, Visuals And Rules

The placing of bets is very simple and moving chips around the table is particularly pleasing thanks to the slick transitional graphics the game provides. The game takes on an upmarket video format that is very much a step up on your usual 2D roulettes that look the same from spin to spin. The rules are the same as your typical roulette game, with players needing to place bets on which number they think a white ball will land once it has ceased jumping and jiving on the spinning roulette wheel.

You can bet on individual numbers, with winning bets paying out at odds of 35/1, while you can also wager on the winning colour number (red or black), whether a number is odd or even, the section of a wheel where the ball will land, and a few more fun side bets that pay between even-money and 2/1.

However, players with smaller budgets can place chips in between two, three and four numbers with just one chip. This is what players would call a split bet, and an example would be placing a chip between numbers 30 and 33 on the table. Naturally, this halves your odds from 35/1 to 17/1 but offers a more cost-effective strategy to players who are looking to make the most of their playing budget.

Finally, the game has a Returns To Player (RTP) rate of 3D European Roulette is 98.65%, meaning for every $€£100 that is wagered, you should see a typical return of around $€£98.65.

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Casino77 Verdict

3D European Roulette offers a fun, immersive alternative to the vast majority of other roulette games on the market. The visuals are particularly impressive and have a clean, slick look about them, while the addition of an upbeat soundtrack adds an extra element of class to proceedings. For players who enjoy high-end production value on their casino games then 3D European Roulette is certain to be right up your street, and the fact that the game itself isn’t a move away from the traditional rules of roulette means that it’s the perfect marriage of innovation and tradition. So, what are you waiting for? Give 3D European Roulette a try for yourself and let us know what you think.

Casino77 Score: 4/5