20p Roulette

20p Roulette

Inspired Gaming’s 20p Roulette is perfect for fans of the classic game interested in experiencing this brand-new video version. Be prepared to feel intense excitement as you wait to see whether the wheel will land on your chosen number!

20p Roulette Online

As can be expected for these types of roulette games, the background and setting of the game are extremely simplistic. It provides a birds-eye-view of a roulette table with the standard green table and black and red squares for each number. The white text clashes against all background colours, making them stand out, so you know where you’re placing chips. This board becomes slightly smaller to make room for the reel when you press the bet button, and the reel is presented on a varnished wood looking surface from which the ball comes and a shiny metal middle.

Popularised in FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminal) gaming machines in casinos and bookmakers, 20p Roulette has gained a following on online gaming sites. This could be due to the low-price spins available rather than having to stake more money playing other roulette games. The simplistic gameplay makes it perfect for players new to roulette games.


The rules are simple; you start by placing your bets. As the name suggests, bets can start as low as 20p, meaning this game doesn’t have to have a hard hit on your bank account! The game also allows you to max out your bet at $/€/£1 for a single number wager and up to $/€/£10 for an outside bet. This way, players don’t lose the run by worrying about losing too much of their cash pile. Being a European roulette game, there are 37 potential outcomes which can return a win. However, these can be put together in different ways and matched to create different scoring wins.

It works the same way as the traditional roulette game, so you can choose to bet on odds or evens, a colour or an individual number if you’re feeling brave, offering a 35x your stake return. You can also place chips on the borders between 2 or 4 separate numbers, allowing you to win half or a quarter of the winning stake per number for a single chip. Your odds will change depending on where you place your bets; as this increases, it is harder to guess right.

The screen changes back to give you a bird’s eye view of the table once you’ve finished betting. Some people enjoy the tension as you sit waiting to see where the ball will land. Others may prefer to click the ‘turbo spin’ button, which will speed up this process and immediately show your winnings.

A helpful feature of this game is the ‘turbo mode’ that plays through several spins at speed, rather than waiting for the ball to spin and the number to be called individually. If the ball land on a winning number rather than calculating all of the different wins related to this number, the full winning amount will be transferred into the player’s prize pot so that playing can continue.

High odds of winning prizes

This roulette game bears a 97.3% RTP (Return to player), a very enticing statistic to many players. With such high odds of winning a prize, the game offers high chances of small satisfaction, even if players aren’t betting big. Many can afford to have the odd loss without too much concern, as all the betting options leave a player spoilt for choice throughout the game.

Satisfying and simple

Whilst 20p roulette doesn’t have the impressive graphics of some video-based casino games. Its selling point is uncomplicated and easy to understand, making it perfect for beginners. Punters have always enjoyed playing traditional roulette thanks to its ability to get straight to the point in terms of winnings.

Ideal for novice casino players

20p Roulette is an ideal choice for those just starting in the world of casinos who don’t want to bet too drastically for the time being. The low-stake game allows players to spend time understanding the ropes and slowly and surely build up their cash pile. For brand-new roulette players, 20p Roulette even comes with a helpful invisible croupier that announces the winning numbers and prompts players to place their bets.

For any additional help a new player needs, the question mark at the top-right hand corner of the screen is where you can find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This page is filled with useful information about placing bets, what you’re looking for to win and anything to do with the experience, including audio and gameplay settings.


Those roulette players looking to take the game with them on the move will be pleased to know that this game is compatible across mobile and tablet devices. This means you can spin anywhere with an internet connection and the glory of 20p Roulette is you don’t have to spin big every time, so you can choose to have a quick game wherever you are.

Casino77 Verdict

Inspired Gaming’s 20p Roulette is a successful, accessible version of a traditional and respected game, offering a satisfying yet simple experience that is perfect for beginners. With all games on Casino77, you can play 20p roulette free on a demo version of the game by signing up.

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