1 Can 2 Can Game Review

1 Can 2 Can Game Review

We’re going on another jungle expedition in this slot on the hunt for some exotic fruit, but before you jump to conclusions this is not another fruit machine! In 1 Can 2 Can you’re helping a pair of colourful Toucans to rustle up some lunch, and they’re very happy to reward you with a load of cash if you can assist them.

There is plenty of colour and some great looking art in this slot as you lend the mischievous duo a hand, but is there enough money in the fruit hunt to keep you interested? Let’s take a look in our 1 Can 2 Can slot game review.


The jungle is an extraordinarily colourful, loud and exciting place with all kinds of fruits, animals, trees and birds to draw your attention. 1 Can 2 Can tries to bottle all of that excitement and present it to you in slot form, with a tranquil waterfall taking up the screen behind the reels while gorgeous plants and animals fill the sides and the symbols, and a plethora of animal sounds add to the atmosphere.

The low-value symbols are the 9 – A icons, though they have been jazzed up considerably with the addition of lush looking fruit on each number, such as papayas and pomegranates. The toucans dance and frolic on either side of the reels, while also flapping on-screen occasionally to help you out. Towards the top of the pay chart, animals such as lizards and monkeys represent the more valuable symbols, alongside a range of tropical flowers.

One of the things that will attract gamers to the 1 Can 2 Can slot game is the high betting limits combined with generous payouts, which promise to generate some serious cash wins. The game is played on a five-reel, three-row setup with 25 pay lines to choose from, on which you can bet up to £/$/€625 which is a big figure in modern slots. Combine this with the fact that you can win 500x your stake with five monkeys, or even 1,000x with five wilds, and you’re playing for a lot of cash! The RTP is a pretty bog-standard 95.21%, so you’ll need to be big to secure serious wins.


There are some pretty big payouts to be had in the main game, but on top of this, you can also play a bonus game too. Land three or more scatters and you will get 10 free spins, though landing more won’t get you more spins, you can get a bigger cash prize up to 50x your stake if you land five. While that’s just about the only interesting thing about the free spins game, you’ll find that the Toucans occasionally fly in to drop off some extra wilds and spice the game up.

Casino77 Verdict

1 Can 2 Can is a fun, colourful and exciting game that lets high rollers run free thanks to a high betting limit, which also promises some pretty big payouts. Unusually, most of the fun is to be had in the main game, because this game isn’t exactly packed with features and the bonus round is pretty bare-bones stuff.